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Announcing the Small Grants call for 2019 | Pelagios Commons
We are happy to announce for 2019 a new series of small grants to fund continued development within the scope of Pelagios in the form of:

(1) Resource Development (RD), which aim to produce digital resources that are compatible with Pelagios linked data methodologies and that can be shared within the community.
(2) Working Groups (WG), which focus on extending Pelagios linked data methodologies into new areas, and/or establishing best practice within the community;
Proposals for both RD and WGs will be judged according to their relevance to and usefulness for the wider Pelagios community. If you are interested in either of these small grants schemes, please read carefully the following call and the related list of criteria.
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2 days ago by asandersgarcia
Tax on Suffolk County septic grant seen as 'deterrent' to program - Suffolk Times
Suffolk County’s Septic Improvement Program awards grants of up to $11,000 to offset the expense of installing advanced new wastewater treatment systems to replace older cesspools and dramatically improve the quality of groundwater.

Recipients of those grants have been informed by County Comptroller John Kennedy’s office that they must pay federal taxes on the value of the grant money.
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3 days ago by javagar
Independent Film Funding for Movies and Documentaries
Useful: donor v. investor model for documentary financing includes typical finance vehicles
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3 days ago by csrollyson
CIHR Team Grant: Indigenous Component of Healthy Life Trajectories (Deadline: 28 August, 2019)
"The Indigenous component of the Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (I-HeLTI) addresses the priority issue of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) for Indigenous Peoples in Canada. "
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23 days ago by
CIHR Planning & Dissemination Grant (Deadline: Mar 5, 2019)
"The Planning and Dissemination Grants are intended to provide support for planning and/or dissemination activities consistent with the mandate of CIHR and relevant to CIHR Institutes, or Initiatives."
centre-for-research-on-health-equity-and-social-inclusion  validated  grant 
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Rochfort Distillery opens new whisky lounge bar
One of South Australia’s newest distilleries has opened a whisky lounge bar and 200-seat restaurant in a picturesque valley outside Victor Harbor
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25 days ago by leehopkins

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