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Proper Parallel Structure | World-Leading Language Solutions by WhiteSmoke
"Matching Forms

Every element in a list should have the same form. If one element is a verb ending in "ing," every element should be a verb ending in "ing." If one clause is in the active voice, there should not be any clauses in the passive voice. "
English  grammar  syntax 
2 days ago by incep
"A," "An," "The" - The Articles
"The British drop articles before singular nouns denoting places or times more than we Americans do. The British would say:

He went to hospital.


In future, he will go to hospital.


In future, we will be at table in hospital.

Americans would say, He went to the hospital, or In the future, he will go to the hospital, or In the future, we will be at the table in the hospital. These are the same Americans, of course, who say, She went to school or He attends church. Go figure."
English  grammar  syntax 
3 days ago by incep
Online Oxford Collocation Dictionary of English
รวม collocation หรือการใช้คำเป็นกลุ่ม
english  grammar 
3 days ago by xiuxiu
Improve Your Writing - Grammar Exercises
Improve your understanding of grammar and punctuation.
education  grammar  english  writing 
6 days ago by keimlink
A linguist looks at Trump’s tweets
The linguist John McWhorter looks at Donald Trump’s tweets and finds a “blindness to the basics of adult-level composition.”
grammar  misspelling  spelling  usage 
9 days ago by M.Leddy
Grammar and Hardy
“If I didn’t know that Oliver was in Honolulu, I’d swear that was he on the phone.”
film  grammar 
9 days ago by M.Leddy

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