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Russia suspected of jamming GPS signal in Finland • BBC News
<p>"It is difficult to say what the reasons could be but there are reasons to believe it could be related to military exercise activities outside Norway's borders," Wenche Olsen, director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway, told the Barents Observer earlier this month.

Russia is also suspected of jamming the GPS signal in Norway's border area last year when it held its own war games.

Relations between Nato and Russia have been strained since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

The Finnish region of Lapland and northern parts of Norway close to the Russian border were affected, with the Norwegian regional airline Widerøe confirming its pilots had experienced GPS disruption, Germany's DW news site reports.

However, the airline pointed out that pilots aboard civilian aircraft had other options when a GPS signal failed. "This is not a joke, it threatened the air security of ordinary people," said Mr Sipila, who is himself an experienced pilot. "It is possible that Russia has been the disrupting party in this. Russia is known to possess such capabilities."

GPS is a global navigation system originally devised by the US military which works by sending signals from satellites above the Earth back down to receivers. "Technology-wise, it's relatively easy to disturb a radio signal, and it's possible that Russia was behind it," Mr Sipila was quoted as saying.</p>

At ground level, GPS signals are incredibly weak, essentially lost in background noise; it's only by <a href="">knowing how the signal varies</a> that it can be picked out. In turn, that means you can jam them.
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4 hours ago by charlesarthur
[PHP/SQL] Géolocalisation et distance entre des villes
J'ai besoin pour un développement spécifique mais aussi pour Agenda Culturel de pouvoir lister dans un script PHP les villes à proximité d'une ville donnée. Concrètement, cela signifie afficher les villes situées à l'intérieur d'un périmètre d'une distance ...
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yesterday by seb_collet
Location privacy and tech
Excellent, detailed article about how hard it is to hide where you are from modern tech
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12 days ago by nelson
pikatrack / PikaTrack · GitLab
Work in progress project for an activity tracking website primarily for running and cycling.
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22 days ago by MichaelX

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