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Law courts in chaos as IT meltdown disrupts thousands of cases | Law | The Guardian
Embarrassment for MoJ as network repeatedly crashes across England and Wales 
19 minutes ago by tonys
Treasury considering cull of departments ahead of Spending Review | Civil Service World
Proposals could include move to create infrastructure ‘super ministry’ by merging three existing departments 
19 days ago by tonys
GovTech Catalyst information - GOV.UK
Information about the GovTech Catalyst process, current challenges and competitions, news and historical data. 
5 weeks ago by tonys
How to set up your own GovTech Catalyst - Government Digital Service
GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government. 
5 weeks ago by tonys
A GDS Story 2018 - Government Digital Service
GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government. 
6 weeks ago by tonys
Making sure users can see updates by optimising caching - Inside GOV.UK
Product updates and news from the Government Digital Service's GOV.UK team. 
7 weeks ago by tonys

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