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How tagging has changed for publishers - Inside GOV.UK
Product updates and news from the Government Digital Service's GOV.UK team. 
6 days ago by tonys
Visit GDS at the Public Sector Show Manchester - Government Digital Service
GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government. 
15 days ago by tonys
How we document components and patterns in the GOV.UK Design System - Design in government
We believe in working in the open. This blog is for designers across government to share their projects, ideas and concepts, or just to think out loud. 
15 days ago by tonys
Using topic pages to organise content on GOV.UK - Inside GOV.UK
Product updates and news from the Government Digital Service's GOV.UK team. 
19 days ago by tonys
The Digital Marketplace blog is now closed - Digital Marketplace
Transforming the way we buy digital in the public sector. 
20 days ago by tonys
The most potent, permanent and elusive figure in British politics | Andy Beckett | Politics | The Guardian
The long read: His enemies call him the ‘PM’s puppet-master’. Blair, Brown and Cameron all found him invaluable. He’s been at the heart of the most controversial political episodes of recent times. Just who is Jeremy Heywood? 
24 days ago by tonys
Trade union judicial review on civil service pay guidance dismissed | Civil Service World
Cabinet Office invites national trade union representatives to discuss how pay engagement could be improved for next year following the judgement 
26 days ago by tonys
Introducing a simpler, data-informed publishing experience - Inside GOV.UK
Product updates and news from the Government Digital Service's GOV.UK team. 
28 days ago by tonys

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