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11 weeks ago by raccoonnookkeeper
RT : Some birds for from John Gould's 'Birds of Europe' (1837) w/ by Edward Lear

I'm always…
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12 weeks ago by jrosenau
MMO: The Goths - Anna's Sims
The lot is HUGE. I noticed the staircase recolor is missing from the Sims2Pack, and I'm sure if that's the only thing, so if you see something in the pictures that isn't included, feel free to ask.
sims2  lots  goth 
october 2018 by timberwolfoz
Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? — Know No Truth
This page is by the artist who did that big canvas print I have.
pink-floyd  art  goth 
august 2018 by darkwater
Know No Truth
This is the artist who had a gallery on Newbury Street. I bought a bunch of his stuff including a large print on canvas and talked with him about Pink Floyd for about an hour.
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august 2018 by darkwater

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