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Why Thieves Target Gun Stores | The New Yorker
"When California is removed from the analysis, the annual number of burglaries in states with security requirements drops by as much as eighty-eight per cent. New Jersey has been especially successful at warding off burglaries. Rules adopted in 1971 require gun shops in the state to obtain approval for their security plans from the superintendent of the state police before opening for business, and to keep weapons locked up. (In 2014, the Republican Chris Christie, who was then the state’s governor, proposed even stiffer requirements, but they were not adopted in full.) Between 2012 and 2017, burglars in New Jersey stole only three guns; burglars in North Carolina, meanwhile, stole more than fourteen hundred."

"It’s difficult to discern the full scale of gun trafficking in the U.S., owing in part to the Tiahrt Amendments, a series of provisions that Congress began passing in 2003. The amendments bar the A.T.F. from publicly disclosing detailed information about the provenance of individual guns used in crimes. The N.R.A. pushed for the provisions and has fought efforts to repeal them, arguing that public access to the data would unfairly stigmatize businesses and violate the privacy of gun owners. Before the passage of the Tiahrt Amendments, reporters and researchers could use the A.T.F.’s data to determine whether a stolen gun had been recovered at a crime scene. Today, tracking such weapons is painstaking, and requires cross-referencing the serial numbers listed on reports of stolen guns with those on police reports for crimes. The Trace and The New Yorker, working around the Tiahrt Amendments, relied on thousands of public records and more than fifty interviews to track Scott’s guns through a network of black-market profiteers."
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5 days ago by conner
Marta Fedoriw - from Irena Yarosevych: This is one of my rants...
from Irena Yarosevych:
This is one of my rants about tax policy. Move on if you're not even mildly intrigued. I understand that most people find tax policy to be the big yawn (other than my FB bud Vladimir John), but tax policy determines the well being (or lack of well being) of both individuals and nations. As my financial planning professor said almost day one in class: the essence of personal financial planning is understanding tax policy and rules. How a government designs and enforces tax policies determines who gets to be rich when and how and why. Bluntly put: there are emotive myths we love about the individual "right" to money, who "deserves" wealth, the deeply ingrained belief that the wealthy are wealthy because "they earned it" by being clever and/or hard working and/or smart therefore "deserve" it, etc. (this last myth is almost a core religious value). Not true. What government rules are about how money is to be managed has a lot more to do with wealth than simply good ideas and good energy. Money is one of the most emotion laden topics of life in general, ergo tax policy, while seemingly boring, is actually a minefield of emotions. At it's most neutral, tax policy is how a nation manages money to fullfill its obligations as a government before it's citizens. And the citizens determine (theoretically) the tax policy - ie what kind of revenue the government should have in order to do for me what I need/want it to do. If I don't want it to do anything, then yea, no taxes. If I want it to bring me fresh water and build me a road, ain't gonna happen for free. Me and my neighbor citizens pitch in via taxes to get the road built and fresh water flowing. But what if one of the neighbors decided to use the road and water to bring exotic fruits to us. Sure, we pay her/him for their effort, for the fruit, for his/her initiative and smarts, but also excpect him/her to pay back into the system - i.e. for using more water and causing more wear and tear on the road so that she/he could yes, bring us fruit, which made them the money. but what if he/she only keeps the money and says thanks for the water and road (which now needs repair because of increased use), going to live on my yacht. so while you don't mind paying the gal/guy for the initiative and smarts and labor to bring you fruit, as well as for the fruit itself, you also expect the guy/gal to payback into the system that provided and maintained the infrastructure to do what he/she did. and when they don't, it seems, well, unfair. so that's where government power steps in. ideally, a government will say - we support your hard work, but you must pay back into system via taxes. "I don't want to! I like my money! It was my clever idea!" you hear the fruit neighbor cry! A good government would say "no, pay up". But what if your fruity neighbor says "yo, congressperson" i will pay for your campaign - which will still cost me less than the tax - if you agree that I should not pay the tax at all. and voila. we have netflix.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Netflix Made $845 Million In Profits And Paid $0 In Taxes Under New GOP Tax Law
Chances are you, and everyone else you know, paid more in taxes than Netflix did thanks to the Republican tax plan.
The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy reports:
“The popular video streaming service Netflix posted its largest-ever U.S. profit in 2018­­—$845 million—on which it didn’t pay a dime in federal or state income taxes. In fact, the company reported a $22 million federal tax rebate.
After a year of speculation and spin, the public is getting its first hard look at how corporate tax law changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected the tax-paying habits of corporations. The law sharply reduced the federal corporate rate, expanded some tax breaks and curtailed others. The new tax law took effect at the beginning of 2018, which means that companies are just now closing the books on their first full year under the new rules.
If Netflix’s earnings report is any indication, not much has changed. Many corporations are still able to exploit loopholes and avoid paying the statutory tax rate—only now, that rate is substantially lower.
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6 days ago by rgl7194

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