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a day for all the rest by Etharei for RC_McLachlan
Phichit clears his throat. "You, ah, might want to wear your scarf again." He taps meaningfully at his own collarbone.

Victor touches the indicated spot on his neck. The skin is markedly sensitive. He presses down, unable to help himself, and the sweet little ache summons a sense-memory: strong fingers carding through his hair, then digging into his shoulder, powerful thighs like a vice around his hips, his name gasped into his ear before a hot mouth seals over the skin of his neck.

The day after the Cup of China.
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yesterday by nonplussed
Even Amid the Red Scare, 1950s L.A. Was a Wonderland Without Fences for Young People
in the 1950s, while undeniably huge in area, it was still largely a sprawling collection of self-contained neighborhoods with lots of undeveloped spaces in between waiting to be filled.
4 days ago by halonine
The England Suffrage Association - WerewolvesAreReal - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
It is very nice to have dragons on Parliament, but Perscitia has a few concerns

|| Perscitia joins the suffrage movement!
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11 days ago by nonplussed
The Shadow Workforce of Facebook’s Content Moderation
good use of afro-futurism to critique fb's content moderation
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12 days ago by wpenman

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