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A New Team Seven, An Unexpected Sensei I (WIP) by riderofsmaug
Sandaime: Sarutobi Hiruzen made a slight change to the graduation teams. He chose a different sensei too, one that no one expected. No one ever guessed that his choice would create a legendary team, one surpassing even the Sannin. Full summary in profile. Part 1.

|| Updated: 11-12-11

Sandaime decides to change the team roster a bit. He wants the respective jounin sensei to train their individual abilities as well as teamwork and to beat sense into their students, which is why Team 10 gets Anko as their jounin sensei, and Team 7, consisting of Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata, gets Danzo.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:hinata  c:danzo  c:sandaime  c:jiraiya  c:iruka  c:sakura  c:kiba  c:shino  c:ino  c:shikamaru  c:chouji  c:kakashi  c:kurenai  c:anko  general  action  different-team(s)  sensei!danzo  sensei!anko  good!danzo  good!koharu  good!homura  <20.000  rating:r  author:riderofsmaug  status:abandoned?  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
may 2013 by csad
A Test of Fortitude (WIP) by XPGamer
Summary: A mission gone wrong. A re-assignment that can either break him or give him strength. His outlook irreversibly altered. Naruto doesn't know what to think anymore, the only thing he DOES know is that he has to change. Rated-M just in case.

|| During the Wave mission, the first encounter with Zabuza: Zabuza's Killer Intent is so strong that both Sakura and Sasuke try to kill themselves while Kakashi is distracted with a mizubunshin. Naruto saves Sakura, but doesn't even notice Sasuke trying to kill himself too, and so Sasuke dies, and Zabuza kills Tazuna. Naruto goes kyuubi on him, because of that.

Back in Konoha, as a consequence of that botched mission, Sakura is in the psych ward, and Naruto is given to Danzo to train under Kakashi's watchful eye until he's ready to pass the chuunin exams--as Namikaze Naruto.

Updated: 03-04-13
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:danzo  c:kakashi  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:tenzo  c:kyuubi  c:kabuto  c:other-characters  c:konoha-council  c:koharu  c:homura  good!koharu  good!homura  good!danzo  character-death  action  angst  drama  general  powerful!naruto  <38.000  rating:r  author:xpgamer  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
april 2013 by csad
There’s Faith and then There’s THAT by Sarah1281
Summary: In which Jiraiya and the Council team up to try and convince the Sandaime that revealing Naruto's Jinchuuriki status to everyone in Konoha is not exactly the best plan and Sarutobi professes his great faith in the people of Konoha constantly.
fandom:naruto  c:jiraiya  c:sandaime  c:koharu  c:homura  c:naruto-uzumaki  general  humor  good!homura  good!koharu  <3.000  rating:pg  author:sarah1281  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
november 2012 by csad
Reflections of Demons (WIP) by evil genus
Tvtropes page:
Summary: When the fight on the bridge takes an unusual turn, the whole Naruto tale changes, based off the one-shot Mirror, by Uchiki na Kage, see what happens when a hidden truth is exposed see inside for better summary Rated M for content || Things go a bit different in Wave. Through his mirrors, Haku accidentally "sees" Naruto's suffering in Konoha. The result is that Zabuza and Kakashi stop the fight before anyone dies, and Haku and Zabuza decide to go to Konoha with Team 7 in order to protect Naruto. Things spiral from there, and some of the consequences are: Madara's Kiri involvement comes out. Zabuza and Haku, (together with Kakashi, later) train Naruto and Sasuke (they actually manage to beat some sense and common sense into the boys). Haku, with the help of one of Naruto's caretakers, manages to con Naruto out of wearing his jumpsuit. Team 7 is better prepared when Orochimaru attacks, so the curse seal bit goes just a tad differently. Best part of it all: Good!Koharu and Homura. No real bashing, even if Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura are not shown too favorably in the beginning. Sasuke and Naruto's friendship strengthens. Updated: 07-29-12
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sasuke  c:sakura  c:kakashi  c:team-7  c:zabuza  c:haku  c:sandaime  c:koharu  c:homura  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:rookie-nine  c:orochimaru  c:oc  c:other-characters  teamfic  action  angst  drama  general  good!koharu  good!homura  <175.000  rating:r  author:evil_genus  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
july 2012 by csad
First Try Team 7: Divergence (WIP) by Lucillia
Summary: If a situation can go both ways, it will. At every crossroads, a new universe is formed, and a person will always take the road not taken, even if they never see themselves do it. Tsunade makes a different choice, and there are consequences.

|| Tsunade takes Orochimaru's offer, and so dies at Jiraiya's hand, who then hunts down Orochimaru as well. Something else that makes this story immensely interesting: Koharu and Homura are not rabid bastards. Updated: 08-17-11
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:jiraiya  c:hyuuga-hiashi  c:danzo  c:tsunade  c:shizune  c:orochimaru  c:koharu  c:homura  c:oc  c:other-characters  general  angst  drama  action  character-death  different-team(s)  powerful!naruto  godaime!hiashi  good!koharu  good!homura  series:first-try  <5.000  rating:pg  author:lucillia  status:wip  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
june 2012 by csad
Grand Escape by esama
Summary: After Mizuki gets Naruto to steal the scroll, he and the entire village of Hidden Leaf find that misled Naruto is a force to be reckoned with. One-shot || A "what if?" story: The Mizuki incident without Iruka to run interference. Reads like the beginning of a captivating epic, but works just as well as a one-shot.
fandom:naruto  ar  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:sandaime  c:mizuki  c:iruka  c:koharu  c:homura  c:oc  c:other-characters  humor  general  action  missing-nin!naruto  good!homura  good!koharu  <6.000  rating:pg  author:esama  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
june 2012 by csad

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