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Goldman’s Trading Floor Is Going Open-Source—Kind of - WSJ
The bank plans to let outside engineers tinker with some of the code that its traders use to price securities and analyze and manage risk. Getting Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s GS +0.68% view on how much a derivative should cost once required a trading account at the elite Wall Street firm. Soon anyone with a GitHub account will be able to do it.

Goldman later this month plans to release on GitHub, the popular developer-collaboration site, some of the code that its own traders and engineers use to price securities and analyze and manage risk. A few lines of code can spit out an analysis that once would have meant a chain of phone calls, emails and spreadsheets.

The bank also is offering $100,000 in annual funding for engineers to build new applications using the bank’s code. Goldman will own the resulting intellectual property, plus get an early look to invest in promising technology.
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RT : CEO head goes to Saudi Arabia....first head of global bank known to travel there since the murder of…
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Goldman Sachs CEO reveals the valuable job skill he's finding 'less and less'
Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO David Solomon said the one skillset that's becoming harder to find is the ability to write. via Pocket
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