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RT : Happy 65th birthday to free-software pioneer Richard Stallman, who created & :
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7 days ago by mshook
Are We Forfeiting Control Over Our Digital Lives? | Psychology Today
RT : Happy 65th birthday to free-software pioneer Richard Stallman, who created & :
GNU  from twitter
7 days ago by mshook
The GNU Manifesto - Google Groups
GNU manifesto posted to Usenet + discussion
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15 days ago by mstevenson
Notes for new Make users
John Constable would have said that ‘There is nothing ugly in Make; I never saw an ugly build system in my life: for let the number of targets be what it may,–dependencies, recipes, and parallel jobs will always make it manageable.’

It’s funny to see a sudden spike of interest in Make-like tools on HN & reddit, when many start joyfully sharing their favourite tricks. I predict some ppl will get overexcited & start rewriting their existing build infrastructure to be more “Make friendly” only to realize it’s not that straightforward as it sounds.

The discussion about Make ordinaly ends up w/ ideas how Make can be improved. Nevertheless, instead of improving Make, avid & enthusiastic chaps invariably decide to start from ground zero, producing something unequivocally awesome, but incompatible w/ everything that was written before.

If you say Make is suboptimal, no one sane will disagree w/ you. However, it’s a solid, well known tool that (if used correctly, w/o wonky religious zeal) works like the Beverly Clock.

If you really curious about (GNU) Make, read on. I’m not going to evangelize Make, I assume you’ve already decided to try it.
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18 days ago by rdark
Taking the Raspberry Pi 2 for a Test Drive with GNU Radio
aking the Raspberry Pi 2 for a Test Drive with GNU Radio
Raspberry  Pi  2  -  GNU  Radio  design  spark  2016 
28 days ago by kilroy2
GNU screen as serial terminal
Following an example of a screen command using an USB serial adapter set to 4800 bits/s, character size of 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit, input 'line feed' to 'carriage return' translation, output newline performing a carriage return, local echo:

screen /dev/ttyUSB0 4800,cs8,-parenb,-cstopb,inlcr,onlret,echo
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5 weeks ago by chrisbuchholz

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