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How To Completely Disable Tracker, GNOME's File Indexing And Search Tool - Linux Uprising Blog
"The official way of disabling Tracker on Gnome desktops is to go to Settings -> Search, and turn off the switch from the search settings headerbars (top of the window). There are users however, claiming that this does not disable it, so I decided to try it out, and after turning this option off and a system reboot, tracker status claimed it has more than 100000 files in its index, and it's currently indexing files. But you can give this a try if you wish, and see if it has any impact on your system."Why do they think this is the "official way of disabling Tracker"...?
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4 days ago by ssam
GVfs - Wikipedia
GVfs (abbreviation for GNOME Virtual file system) is GNOME's userspace virtual filesystem designed to work with the I/O abstraction of GIO, a library available in GLib since version 2.15.1. It installs several modules that are automatically used by applications using the APIs of libgio. There is also FUSE support that allows applications not using GIO to access the GVfs filesystems.
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12 days ago by ezequiel
WireGuard in NetworkManager – Thomas Haller's Blog
NetworkManager 1.16 got native support for WireGuard VPN tunnels (NEWS). WireGuard is a novel VPN tunnel protocol and implementation that spawned a lot of interest. Here I will not explain how WireGuard itself works. You can find very good documentation and introduction at
networking  debian  gnome  ubuntu  mint  2019  blogpost  wireguard  configuration  example  cli  howto  sysadmin  linux  vpn  security  tools  guide 
13 days ago by ezequiel
(74) Ubuntu 19.10 with GNOME 3.34 - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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17 days ago by ken30096

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