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GoogleCloudPlatform/container-agent · GitHub
RT : Google's open-sourcing a container manager. Uses YAML to describe group of containers and volumes.
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may 2014 by kinlane
Julia @ Denver International Airport United
Sad is over, but excited to return to the best city, Seattle!
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may 2014 by kinlane
Welcome to - an experimental API Search service to help discover APIs on the web. The service uses the APIs.json proposed discovery format. To find APIs type your request in the search box.
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may 2014 by lbrt
Programming The Arduino Due in Rust
Slides from my talk at GlueCon '14 about programming an Arduino Due in Rust, and about using Rust for embedded or IoT applications.
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may 2014 by deusx
The objective of APIs.json is to help fix this problem by making it easy for people to signpost where the APIs on a given domain are and provide information on how they work. The format is simple and extensible and can be put into any web root domain for discovery.
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may 2014 by deusx

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