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lukakerr/regxr: A minimal, beautiful, lightweight MacOS desktop application to check for regular expression pattern matches
> Regxr is a minimal, lightweight and beautiful MacOS desktop application that allows for easy checking of regular expression pattern matching.

Looks nice.
github_repos  github  regular_expressions  swift  development  mac  apple_mac_applications  app  mac_applications  regex  stem  tool  osx  macos 
5 days ago by jefftriplett
Build and maintain your status page with minimum effort and cost
status  aws  dashboard  serverless  lambda  statuspage  lambstatus  board  GitHub_Repos  httpd 
5 days ago by speckz
google/simian: Simian is an enterprise-class Mac OS X software deployment solution. Google App Engine hosted server, with a client powered by the Munki open-source project.
Simian is an enterprise-class Mac OS X software deployment solution. Google App Engine hosted server, with a client powered by the Munki open-source project.
GitHub_Repos  Apple_Mac_Applications  Mac_Applications 
6 days ago by GameGamer43
Red Hat Official GitHub
Collaborating with a community is about more than developing code. Collaboration is the freedom to ask questions and offer improvements—that's the open source way. It's why we've been a part of open source communities for more than 25 years, working side-by-side with people like you.
RedHat  RedHat_Opensource  GitHub_Repos 
9 days ago by GameGamer43
An interactive guide to learning Rust!

It requires you to look at the docs!
It requires you to search the web.
It requires you to ask for help on IRC.
Rust  Rust_Lang  GitHub_Repos 
11 days ago by GameGamer43
Knot Resolver
The Knot Resolver is a caching full resolver implementation, including both a resolver library and a daemon.
DNS  GitHub_Repos 
14 days ago by GameGamer43

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