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enaqx/awesome-react · GitHub Awesome React A collection of awesome React tools, resources, videos and shiny things. Resources General Resources Tutorials
reference  github  development  programming  js  resources  list  reactjs  javascript  react 
3 days ago by mmeyer_de
AppropriatingInteractionTechnologies - NYU ITP Fall 2013
github  interaction  education  glitch  course  opensource  reference 
4 days ago by ntlk
Search Syntax
When searching GitHub, you can construct queries that match specific numbers and words.

reference  github  git  search  code  inspiration 
13 days ago by michaelfox
A collection of cool hidden and not so hidden features of Git and GitHub. This cheat sheet was inspired by Zach Holman's Git and GitHub Secrets talk at Aloha Ruby Conference 2012 (slides) and his More Git and GitHub Secrets talk at WDCNZ 2013 (slides).

  git  github  reference  cheatsheets 
13 days ago by michaelfox
Generating SSH keys - User Documentation
SSH keys are a way to identify trusted computers, without involving passwords. The steps below will walk you through generating an SSH key and then adding the public key to your GitHub account.
github  git  howto  reference  ssh  keys  wpd  itp 
18 days ago by gdw
phanan/htaccess · GitHub
A collection of useful .htaccess, all in one place. I decided to create this repo after getting so tired (and bored) with Googling everytime there's a need of forcing www for my new website.
htaccess  apache  hosting  admin  snippets  github  nginx  reference  unix  webdevelopment 
25 days ago by cplamper

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