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Group Partner Nude Boy Pot
This pot is cast in a light, dark or terracotta clay and hand painted with colorfast matte glazes. Made in our studio in Brooklyn, NY. boob pot breast ceramics pottery
11 days ago by kwbr
Because Adulting is Hard: Merit Badges for Adults
As adults, we stopped getting merit badges or certificates a long time ago, but now, thanks to Winks For Days, we can now proudly display some of our greatest accomplishment on our clothes thanks to these merit badgets for adults!
badges  art  idea  motivation  gift-idea 
21 days ago by moftasa
Behind the gorgeous new illustrated edition of Ursula K Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness - The Verge
"The look of the Genenthians in the story came from an attempt to visualize how a race of people who existed in a freezing, snowy environment might evolve to look like. Ursula had always had in her mind that these people would therefore resemble Inuit or Native American people... She described Genly Ai on the other hand as taller, dark-skinned, with an ethnicity that in the distant future would evoke a slight sense of racial mixing. I simply attempted to fulfill Ursula’s wishes and interpret her vision of the characters the best way I could."
illustration  sci-fi  novel  gift-idea 
4 weeks ago by moftasa
Spinning Globe Decor MOVA Globe - Luxury Gift To Impress Everyone
Explore our full line of spinning MOVA Globes and accessories – from detailed world maps with a modern twist and classic artwork to planetary designs.
gift-idea  globe 
12 weeks ago by markav
FIXD – Diagnose Car Problems Using Your Smartphone!
FIXD alerts you of 7,000+ potential issues with your car in real-time!
gift-idea  christmas  max 
november 2019 by markav

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