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11 days ago by pipcleaves
The Washington Post on Reddit surprises users with its non-promotional, ultra helpful presence » Nieman Journalism Lab
It’s got jokes. It’s also a sharer of everything from polling stories to breaking national security stories to lifestyle columns to geeky features to fact-checks, and a facilitator of, and participant in, AMAs. The official publisher account has been live since April of this year, shortly after the platform began allowing public profiles, and appears to have broken through Reddit’s tough anti-brand, anti-paywall shell.
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12 days ago by paulbradshaw
My favorite behind-the-scenes iOS utilities – Finer Things in Tech
"GIFWrapped for iPhone and iPad is a simple, useful app for collecting GIFs. An app extension can pull them from webpages, tweets, and elsewhere. Dropbox sync has you covered. A search tool and clipboard sniffer make it easy to expand."
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18 days ago by handcoding
Anime floppy disks
Mainly GIFs, but pictures are okay too. By @Foone
anime  art  gifs  images  retro 
21 days ago by deusx

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