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eugeneware/gifencoder: Server side animated gif generation for node.js
Server side animated gif generation for node.js. Contribute to eugeneware/gifencoder development by creating an account on GitHub.
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yesterday by gotdan
Image File Types Decoded — Cool Infographics
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2 days ago by lilili
Brush Ninja | A FREE Hand-drawn Animated Gif creator.
Brush Ninja 是一款简单易用的免费动画制作工具,拥有在线版本与 macOS 客户端,可以非常方便的创作出 gif 动画。
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8 days ago by huangjingyun
Brush Ninja | A FREE Hand-drawn Animated Gif creator.
Create animations in your browser, on your desktop or phone.
8 days ago by oXnMe
I can rayshade, and so can you
That’s all I’ve got. I hope you learned something that may save you a bit of pain and confusion if you try out rayshader for yourself. And maybe you’re coming away with just a bit more excitement and inspiration to do so. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with this package, and I’ll be making more maps in the future (as well as 3D printing some of them!).

If you have suggestions or edits or thoughts on this material, please feel free to create an issue in the git repo or tweet at me at wcmbishop.

Thanks for reading.


After writing this post, I found a few more leads on elevation data sources. I thought I’d share these here (though I think the REST API option I described above is still a great starting place).

One is the elevatr R package (vignette here), which uses the National Map Elevation Point Query Service.

Tyler Morgan-Wall also posted some instructions for manually downloading elevation data from a National Map UI here – the instructions from this reddit post are quoted below:
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9 days ago by euler
RT : Randomising the inputs to the Fourier Transform makes these interesting little scribbles ~

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11 days ago by briantrice

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