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Nuremberg, Germany, Marriages, 1876-1925
This collection contains marriage records and name directories from Nuremberg in the German state of Bavaria.
Germany  Genealogy  Nürnberg 
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Nuremberg, Germany, Deaths, 1876-1983
This collection includes civil death records and name directories from Nuremberg in the German state of Bavaria.
Genealogy  Germany  Nürnberg 
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‘The Very Top Guy in the Stasi was Personally Involved in Figuring Out How to Destroy Punk.’
Author Tim Mohr talks about East Germany’s dissident punk rock scene, and its role in bringing down the Berlin Wall in 1989 — the story behind his remarkable new book, ‘Burning Down The Haus.’
articles  music  History  germany 
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Dresdner Porzellan
Seit über 140 Jahren sorgen Generationen von Porzellinern für die Qualität des Dresdner Porzellans, die höchsten Ansprüchen gerecht wird. Die Manufaktur kann heute auf 12.500 verschiedene Formenschatz zurück greifen.
shopping  ceramics  porcelain  tableware  dresden  saxony  germany 
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