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15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook | WIRED
“Mining and oil companies exploit the physical environment; social media companies exploit the social environment,”
georgesoros  facebook  mining  physical  social  environment 
4 weeks ago by bekishore
Stranahan: Soros and Why He Matters

“Understanding how Soros operates is actually key to understanding the world that we live in, particularly the world of Fake News,” says investigative reporter, Lee Stranahan. “So much of what you see on TV is literally being funded, at every point by Soros and Open Society, that it creates the illusion of consensus, which is the goal…

Stranahan started this thread in response to Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams, who calls the tendency for people to suspect Soros behind everything foul that happens as ‘Soros Derangement Syndrome,’ which Stranahan finds is either ignorant or insincere.

He explains, “One of the real dangers of Soros right now is that he funds groups on the Left but he also funds the Atlantic Council…

“There is no organized anti-war movement in this country right now and that's due to George Soros, because of his funding of the Atlantic Council, in addition to funding groups, like the ACLU and the NAACP. He has neutered them on issues that he cares about…

“[Soros] helped overthrow the Ukrainian government, working with the Obama State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. He helped overthrow the government of the Ukraine that was democratically-elected, replaced it with somebody who was picked by Victoria Nuland…

“Do you have a counter-example, of where the Koch brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars overseas to overthrow a government? do you have a counter example, where people have broken the Bank of England, for example?…it's not like Soros is the only person who's done certain of these things but he's the only person who has done ALL of them to the extent he has…

“The world as it exists right now is massive propaganda that is pushed by people like Soros who fund groups all over the place and then what you see on TV is experts funded by him talking about events funded by him, populated by people funded by him and that is unusual in the history of propaganda.

“Just as one simple example, I went down the list of every group that was at the Women's March, I quit after the first 15. they were all funded by Soros, so Soros was funding all the groups the day after the inauguration at the Women's March. I was there. A million people in the street…he's funding a major amount of them whose goal is to impeach [Trump]."

Running Time: 15 min
GeorgeSoros  AtlanticCouncil  Ukraine  WomensMarch 
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THE EVIDENCE: Did Roger Stone Help Uncover a Satanic 'Cabal' Involving the Clintons? by David Seaman JANUARY 30, 2019
To understand this bizarre, but true story - the largest political scandal of recent times, and one that entangles the Clintons, as well as the Soros and Rothschild international banking families - you have to go back to 2010.

Many have been threatened, sued, falsely imprisoned and in some rare cases even killed in pursuit of the details of this scandal.

Yet now we have all the pieces, and accountability for these people is needed. FULCRUM is not a law enforcement agency, we are researchers and a media outlet in Washington. After this information becomes widely known and validated worldwide, it will be up to those in law enforcement to take broad action.

Beginning around 2010, approximately a year after President Obama took office, rumors began to swirl in the truth community that some kind of Satanic cult or club had quietly seized the reins of control in Washington, D.C., and was beginning to assert itself.

Famed conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart called out John Podesta, a long time Clinton insider, and Bill Clinton's former White House chief of staff, as being a key part of this occult child abuse effort.

"What's in your closet, John Podesta? Big Podesta? Big Soros? Do you want us to play these games?" Breitbart asked mockingly into a Slate reporter's recorder in one of his last known interviews, clearly exasperated with the "politics of personal destruction" he was experiencing for calling out these powerful men, and their alleged links to some of the absolute seediest activities on planet Earth. "F**k you, John Podesta," Breitbart appears to conclude in the interview, which can still be found on YouTube HERE.
On February 4, 2011 the above was tweeted about John Podesta from Andrew Breitbart's verified Twitter account, and several months later Breitbart died of sudden heart failure, only in his early 40s.

The rumors somewhat subside after Breitbart's death, and during his two terms Barack Obama is able to enact a surprising amount of his agenda, with the help of his Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Rumors continue to swirl that Obama is some kind of Rothschild/Soros operative, and this culminates with Secretary Clinton extrajudicially wiping out Libya's leader and leadership, ruthlessly (he was sodomized and beaten to death in the street by his own people, if you remember). His crime? As we would later learn, Libya's leader was pushing for a pan-African gold backed currency, which put him in direct conflict with the Rothschild banking deepstate's doctrine.

The banking deepstate wants the world to use debt backed paper currencies - their currencies - now and forever more. Things like gold and cryptocurrency are not debt backed, and exist in discrete quantities that can't be inflated or deflated at will by a handful of banking families. They can't be easily controlled from all angles.

John Podesta largely escapes mass public negative attention after Breitbart's death, until in late 2016 when his private emails begin to be leaked by WikiLeaks in suspenseful batches (, hitting a crescendo just days before the US Presidential election in which newcomer Republican candidate Donald Trump was pitted against establishment Democratic darling Hillary Clinton, the same woman who decimated Libya at the behest of the Rothschilds.

As Podesta's emails have been examined by millions in the more than two years since their release, a scandal known as "Pizzagate" has exploded into the public consciousness, despite mainstream media opposition and unprecedented attempts at censorship.

Pizzagate, as outlined in our 8 minute documentary viewed 215,000+ times on Bitchute so far, focuses around the fact that Podesta repeatedly uses "pizza" as a code word for an item of some kind - many researchers believe pizza is a code word for a young female child.

It has nothing to do with pizza shops, although a bizarre pizza shop owner does pop up repeatedly in Podesta's emails, and that pizza shop owner was curiously labeled by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the most powerful men in DC. He also visited the Obama White House a minimum of five times according to publicly accessible logs.

John Podesta, who received spiritcooking invitations (, has personally dined with Lynn Forester de Rothschild and George Soros as far back as 2007, according to WikiLeaks emails (

John Podesta is not a mere gopher; he's a fixer to the two wealthiest and most powerful families in the West.
This is very bad for Soros and the Rothschilds as Podesta's perversion goes properly viral around the world, thanks to Roger Stone's recent indictment and arrest. Millions of smart people have read the WikiLeaks, including many here in Washington, DC.

Roger Stone must have known exactly what he was doing in late 2016 when he drew voters' attention to John Podesta's bizarre emails. He did nothing wrong by promoting the emails, of course.

General Michael Flynn also drew attention to the Podesta emails from his verified Twitter account just four days before the Presidential election in 2016.
Vast changes of some kind lay ahead.

-David Seaman
Pizzagate  JohnPodesta  TheClintons  Pedophilia  RogerStone  GeorgeSoros  Rothschilds  DavidSeaman  MuellerWitch-hunt  RussiaGate 
january 2019 by juandante
The Plot Against George Soros
How two Jewish American political consultants helped create the world’s largest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.
GeorgeSoros  antisemitism  Hungary  politics  EliBirnbaum  ArthurFinkelstein  Buzzfeed  2019 
january 2019 by inspiral
U.S. Subsidizes Soros Radical Leftist Agenda Worldwide, New Judicial Watch Special Report Shows DECEMBER 06, 2018
The U.S. government subsidizes billionaire George Soros’ radical leftist agenda dedicating hundreds of millions of dollars to his deeply politicized Open Society Foundations (OSF) worldwide, records uncovered by Judicial Watch show. In a special investigative report Judicial Watch documents the financial link between U.S.-funded entities and OSF affiliates to further the Hungarian-born philanthropist’s agenda seeking to destabilize legitimate governments, erase national borders, target conservative politicians, finance civil unrest, subvert institutions of higher education, and orchestrate refugee crises for political gain. The special report also illustrates the financial and staffing nexus between OSF and the U.S. government.

In 2018 OSF projected expending more than $530 million to promote Soros’ radical globalist agenda in every corner of the world under the guise of supporting democratically elected governments, strengthening the rule of law and promoting fairness in political, legal and economic systems. The reality is far different, the report shows. Soros, with the help of American taxpayer dollars, bolsters a radical leftwing agenda that in the United States has included: promoting an open border with Mexico and fighting immigration enforcement efforts; fomenting racial disharmony by funding anti-capitalist racialist organizations; financing the Black Lives Matter movement and other organizations involved in the riots in Ferguson, Missouri; weakening the integrity of our electoral systems; promoting taxpayer funded abortion-on-demand; advocating a government-run health care system; opposing U.S. counterterrorism efforts; promoting dubious transnational climate change agreements that threaten American sovereignty; and working to advance gun control and erode Second Amendment protections.

The Soros network is engaged in an active effort to affect politics, economics, and societies globally, including in Europe (Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary) and Latin America (Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico). Judicial Watch has successfully investigated and litigated to document the paper trail left by the OSF network as it operates, at taxpayer expense, to subvert and manipulate the sovereignty of constitutional republics and allies of the United States. Last year Judicial Watch exposed a collaborative effort between the U.S. government and Soros to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia. Records obtained by Judicial Watch in that investigation show that the U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia worked behind the scenes with OSF to funnel large sums of American dollars for the cause, constituting an interference of the U.S. Ambassador in domestic political affairs in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The cash—about $5 million—flowed through the State Department and USAID.

The new report identifies OSF affiliates worldwide that receive U.S. government funding as well as the alarming figures. The Soros operations are highly sophisticated and work across academia, the legal system, labor, agriculture and “social justice” organizations as well as religious and political groups. Key personnel in the multi-faceted OSF network are former American government officials known to leverage their status and access to benefit the OSF’s goals. The report identifies a number of them, including Barack Obama’s Domestic Policy Council Director, Cecilia Muñoz, who currently serves on OSF’s U.S. Programs board and OSF President Patrick Gaspard, Director of Political Affairs in the Obama White House and the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa. Others include OSF Director of Global Security Denis Reynolds, a former Supervisory Special Agent with the Diplomatic Security Service at the State Department, and OSF Senior Policy Advisor Emily Renard, a former State Department Foreign Service Officer and Africa Policy Officer.

OSF-funded groups reportedly promoting, organizing and supporting the illegal immigrant caravan that started in Honduras are also identified in the report. Many of the leftist groups also get hefty sums from Uncle Sam. They include the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), the American Constitution Society, Centro para la Acción Legal en Derechos Humanos (Center for Legal Action in Human Rights, CALDH) and a multitude of others, including those named in a special report published by Judicial Watch earlier this year focusing on OSF in Guatemala. The big question is, why are American taxpayers funding Soros and his highly politicized OSF. Judicial Watch will continue investigating and litigating to get answers.
GeorgeSoros  OpenSocietyFoundations(OSF)  BlackLivesMatter  Trump'sWall  Neoliberalism 
january 2019 by juandante
ProPublica on Twitter: "Very nice to meet you too, @GovMattBevin! ...
Very nice to meet you too, @GovMattBevin! You asked who @ProPublica is. We thought we’d give you some answers. Like everything we do, they are, you know, actually accurate.
twitter  politics  journalism  mattbevin  propublica  @govmattbevin  @propublica  louisvillecourierjournal  @courierjournal  georgesoros  snark  kentucky 
december 2018 by coslinks
George Soros Conspiracy Theories: The Truth is Bad Enough | National Review
“The irony is that the Right’s beliefs about Soros aren’t that different from the Left’s beliefs about the Koch brothers, and before that, Richard Mellon Scaife. The grassroots of each party always loathe the biggest donors of the other side and always sees them as shadowy and nefarious. (Of course, the demonization of the Koch brothers usually involves some fudging of their actual philosophies — they’re civil-society building libertarians, not traditional conservatives.)”
GeorgeSoros  JimGeraghty 
november 2018 by cbearden
RT : is a Jewish businessman who survived the holocaust, gives 80% of his wealth to his foundations around…
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october 2018 by roens
Gospels of Giving for the New Gilded Age | The New Yorker
"Are today’s donor classes solving problems—or creating new ones?"

We live, it is often said, in a new Gilded Age—an era of extravagant wealth and almost as extravagant displays of generosity. In the past fifteen years, some thirty thousand private foundations have been created, and the number of donor-advised funds has roughly doubled. The Giving Pledge—signed by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Larry Ellison, and more than a hundred and seventy other gazillionaires who have promised to dedicate most of their wealth to philanthropy—is the “Gospel” stripped down and updated. And as the new philanthropies have proliferated so, too, have the critiques.

Anand Giridharadas is a journalist who, in 2011, was named a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute. The institute is financed by, among other groups, the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Gates Foundation. The fellowship, according to its Web site, aims to “develop the next generation of community-spirited leaders” by engaging them “in a thought-provoking journey of personal exploration.”

Giridharadas at first found the fellowship to be a pretty sweet deal; it offered free trips to the Rockies and led to invitations from the sorts of people who own Western-themed mansions and fly private jets. After a while, though, he started to feel that something was rotten in the state of Colorado. In 2015, when he was asked to deliver a speech to his fellow-fellows, he used it to condemn what he called “the Aspen Consensus.”

“The Aspen Consensus, in a nutshell, is this,” he said. “The winners of our age must be challenged to do more good. But never, ever tell them to do less harm.” The speech made the Times; people began asking for copies of it; and Giridharadas decided to expand on it. The result is “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World.” “I hadn’t planned to write a book on this topic, but the topic chose me,” he writes."

"Inside Philanthropy is a Web site devoted to high-end giving; its tagline is “Who’s Funding What, and Why.” David Callahan is the site’s founder and editor. If Giridharadas worries that the super-wealthy just play at changing the world, Callahan worries they’re going at it in earnest.

“An ever larger and richer upper class is amplifying its influence through large-scale giving in an era when it already has too much clout,” he writes in “The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age.” “Things are going to get worse, too.”

Part of the problem, according to Callahan, lies in the broad way that philanthropy has been defined. Under the federal tax code, an organization that feeds the hungry can count as a philanthropy, and so can a university where students study the problem of hunger, and so, too, can a think tank devoted to downplaying hunger as a problem. All these qualify as what are known, after the relevant tax-code provision, as 501(c)(3)s, meaning that the contributions they receive are tax deductible, and that the earnings on their endowments are largely tax-free. 501(c)(3)s are prohibited from engaging in partisan activity, but, as “The Givers” convincingly argues, activists on both sides of the ideological divide have developed work-arounds.

As a left-leaning example, Callahan cites Tim Gill, who’s been called “the megadonor behind the L.G.B.T.Q.-rights movement.” A software designer, Gill became rich founding and then selling a company called Quark, and he’s donated more than three hundred million dollars toward promoting L.G.B.T.Q. rights. While some of this has been in the form of straight-up political contributions, much of it has been disbursed by Gill’s tax-exempt foundation, which has financed educational efforts, message testing, and—perhaps most important—legal research. “Without a doubt, we would not be where we are without Tim Gill and the Gill Foundation,” Mary Bonauto, the attorney who argued the 2015 Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage, told Rolling Stone last year.

On the right, Callahan points to Art Pope, the chairman of a privately held discount-store chain called Variety Wholesalers. Pope has used his wealth to support a network of foundations, based in North Carolina, that advocate for voter-identification—or, if you prefer, voter-suppression—laws. In 2013, pushed by Pope’s network, the North Carolina state legislature enacted a measure requiring residents to present state-issued photo I.D.s at the polls. Then the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law—another Pope-funded group—led the effort to block challenges to the measure. (The I.D. law was struck down, in 2016, by a federal appeals court that held it had been “passed with racially discriminatory intent.”)

It is difficult to say what fraction of philanthropic giving goes toward shaping public policy. Callahan estimates that the figure is somewhere around ten billion dollars a year. Such an amount, he says, might not sound huge, but it’s more than the annual contributions made to candidates, parties, and super-pacs combined. The result is doubly undemocratic. For every billion dollars spent on advocacy tricked out as philanthropy, several hundred million dollars in uncaptured taxes are lost to the federal treasury.

“It’s not just that the megaphones operated by 501(c)(3) groups and financed by a sliver of rich donors have gotten louder and louder, making it harder for ordinary citizens to be heard,” Callahan notes. “It’s that these citizens are helping foot the bill.” That both liberals and conservatives are exploiting the tax code is small consolation.

“When it comes to who gets heard in the public square, ordinary citizens can’t begin to compete with an activist donor class,” Callahan writes. “How many very rich people need to care intensely about a cause to finance megaphones that drown out the voices of everyone else?” he asks. “Not many.”"

Critiques of “The Gospel of Wealth” didn’t have much impact on Andrew Carnegie. He continued to distribute his fortune, to libraries and museums and universities, until, at the time of his death, in 1919, he had given away some three hundred and fifty million dollars—the equivalent of tens of billions in today’s money. It is hard to imagine that the critiques of the new Carnegies will do much to alter current trend lines.

The Gates Foundation alone, Callahan estimates, will disburse more than a hundred and fifty billion dollars over the next several decades. In just the next twenty years, affluent baby boomers are expected to contribute almost seven trillion dollars to philanthropy. And, the more government spending gets squeezed, the more important nongovernmental spending will become. When congressional Republicans passed their so-called tax-reform bill, they preserved the deduction for charitable contributions even as they capped the deduction for state and local tax payments. Thus, a hundred-million-dollar gift to Harvard will still be fully deductible, while, in many parts of the country, the property taxes paid to support local public schools will not be. It is possible that in the not too distant future philanthropic giving will outstrip federal outlays on non-defense discretionary programs, like education and the arts. This would represent, Callahan notes, a “striking milestone.”

Is that the kind of future we want? As the latest round of critiques makes clear, we probably won’t have much of a say in the matter. The philanthropists will decide, and then it will be left to their foundations to fight it out."
philanthropicindustrialcomplex  charitableindustrialcomplex  2018  elizabethkolbert  charity  philanthropy  inequality  andrewcarnegie  gildedage  inequity  disparity  wealth  inheritance  hughpricehughes  society  williamjewetttucker  patronage  ethics  wealthdistribution  exploitation  billgates  warrenbuffett  michaelbloomberg  larryellison  anandgiridharadas  aspenconsensus  georgesoros  socialentrepreneurship  laurietisch  darrenwalker  change  democracy  henrykravis  billclinton  davidcallahan  power  taxes  thinktanks  nonprofit  activism  timgill  publicpolicy  politics  economics  us  influence  artpope  votersuppression  law  superpacs  donaldtrump  equality  robertreich  nonprofits  capitalism  control 
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The Globalist
An interesting biography and assessment of George Soros.

> From his earliest days as a banker in postwar London, Soros believed in a necessary connection between capitalism and cosmopolitanism. For him, as for most of the members of his cohort and the majority of the Democratic Party’s leadership, a free society depends on free (if regulated) markets. But this assumed connection has proven to be a false one. The decades since the end of the cold war have demonstrated that, absent a perceived existential enemy, capitalism tends to undermine the very culture of trust, compassion, and empathy upon which Soros’s “open society” depends by concentrating wealth in the hands of the very few—one of whom is Soros...
> Soros’s use of the word dogma points to two critical elements of his thought: his fierce belief that ideas, more than economics, shape life, and his confidence in humanity’s capacity for progress. For Soros, progress was in the final analysis an intellectual problem. Throughout his writings he repeatedly stands Marx on his head, returning him to the original Hegelian position. According to Soros, the dogmatic mode of thinking that characterized closed societies made it impossible for them to accommodate to the changing vicissitudes of history. Instead, “as actual conditions change,” people in closed societies were forced to abide by an atavistic ideology that was increasingly unpersuasive. When this dogma finally became too obviously disconnected from reality, Soros claimed, a revolution that overturned the closed society usually occurred. Closed societies were thus very different from open societies, which were dynamic and able to correct course whenever their dogmas strayed too far from reality. In some sense, then, Soros considered the Eastern Bloc’s collapse overdetermined, though he still believed human action was necessary to bring about the final breakdown.
georgeSoros  capitalism  cosmipolitanism  altRight  politics  economics 
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