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CARTO — Location Intelligence Software
CARTO is the platform to build powerful Location Intelligence apps with the best data streams available.
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yesterday by csaper
The FSS sector and the LEO-GEO stalemate - Sep 2018
"Orders for traditional geostationary satellites have fallen precipitously over the past three years. Industry counts show orders dropped from 26 GEO orders in 2014, to 15 in 2016 and seven in 2017. Most observers don’t believe 2018 will be much better. There are many reasons for the decline, ranging from a plateau in satellite video distribution to rapidly evolving high-throughput satellite (HTS) and digital payload technology that has created overcapacity in some segments and makes operators anxious about ordering long-life satellites that may soon be obsolete. These risks might be manageable if not for the planned low Earth orbit (LEO) constellations, with their promises of lower pricing, amplifying pricing and capacity concerns."

"The lack of clarity over the satellite industry’s future has led to an incredible standoff. On the one hand, the satellite industry is in a situation where investment in geostationary satellites is stalled due to uncertainties over the long-term industry outlook, particularly when LEO constellations enter. On the other hand, investment in LEO constellations is stalled due to shorter-term concerns about the availability of affordable consumer hardware."

"Will a LEO antenna manufacturer emerge to meet the performance and price targets needed to break this deadlock or will there be a realization that the technical challenges are insurmountable? "
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3 days ago by pierredv
Buy data Donate Details: Explanation of statoids, with links to other reference Websites. Newsletter: A list of updates to this site, month by month. Country Codes: A table of internationally recognized codes for countries and territories, showing their dependent status where applicable. via Pocket
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12 days ago by kintopp
Turf.js | Advanced geospatial analysis
Advanced geospatial analysis for browsers and Node.js
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13 days ago by jakoubek

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