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NYTimes: Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking
Obama administration officials scrambled to ensure intelligence of connections between the Trump campaign and Russian officials was preserved after they left office.
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5 days ago by ecamhi
Explorations in Generative Art – Stephen R. Smith – Medium
I've been doing a lot of art lately. Here's some more context about what I've been doing and why.
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8 days ago by robhawkes
LIA | Sedition | Digital Art for Sale
"The artist’s primary working material is code, which consists of LIA translating a concept into a formal written structure that then can be used to create a “machine” that generates real-time multimedia outputs. Since her concept is fluid - opposed to the formality of the written code that requires engineered precision - the translation process between machine and artist can be viewed like a conversation. The process is repeated until LIA is satisfied with the machine’s interpretation; at which point the generative framework, in which the artwork can develop, is considered finished."
@bruces notes that she's a code professor who actually makes a living off of it
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8 days ago by mechazoidal

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