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[1905.09773] Speech2Face: Learning the Face Behind a Voice

From the free PDF:

"When we listen to a person speaking without seeing his/her
face, on the phone, or on the radio, we often build a mental
model for the way the person looks [25, 45]. There is a strong
connection between speech and appearance, part of which is
a direct result of the mechanics of speech production: age,
gender (which affects the pitch of our voice), the shape of the
mouth, facial bone structure, thin or full lips—all can affect
the sound we generate. In addition, other voice-appearance
correlations stem from the way in which we talk: language,
accent, speed, pronunciations—such properties of speech
are often shared among nationalities and cultures, which can
in turn translate to common physical features [12].
Our goal in this work is to study to what extent we can
infer how a person looks from the way they talk. Specifically,
from a short input audio segment of a person speaking, our
method directly reconstructs an image of the person’s face
in a canonical form (i.e., frontal-facing, neutral expression).
Fig. 1 shows sample results of our method. Obviously, there
is no one-to-one matching between faces and voices. Thus,
our goal is not to predict a recognizable image of the exact
face, but rather to capture dominant facial traits of the person
that are correlated with the input speech."
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3 days ago by dandv
Shape - IDEO’s Visual Collaborative Tool - Build, Test, and Refine Your Ideas
Shape is IDEO’s latest digital innovation tool for building, testing, and refining your ideas.
product  research  online  canvas  workshop  facilitation  design  thinking  idea  generate  ideo 
8 days ago by roggedoggelito
Simple UTM Manager
Bubble introduces a new way to build a web application. It’s a point-and-click programming tool. Bubble hosts all applications on its cloud platform.
utm  manage  campaign  tools  generate 
15 days ago by kpieper876
Speak Human
Generate human centric microcopy for all purposes.
ux  writing  design  copy  text  generate  micro 
22 days ago by roggedoggelito
francoislaberge/diagrams: Generate Flowcharts, Network Sequence Diagrams, GraphViz Dot Diagrams, and Railroad Diagrams
Generate Flowcharts, Network Sequence Diagrams, GraphViz Dot Diagrams, and Railroad Diagrams - francoislaberge/diagrams
diagrams  code  markdown  generate  npm 
24 days ago by diff_sky
Mockuuups Studio: Product mockups in a second.
Drag-and-drop tool for creating beautiful app previews or any marketing materials. Easily insert your screenshot into digital mockups for free.
mockup  generate  product  screenshot 
6 weeks ago by kpieper876
Mockaroo - Random Data Generator and API Mocking Tool | JSON / CSV / SQL / Excel
A free test data generator and API mocking tool - Mockaroo lets you create custom CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel datasets to test and demo your software.
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10 weeks ago by lionslair

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