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Soft-boy hardball
But the soft-boy is not a “friend” to the web of women he has spun to entertain him when he is lonely, coax him through break-ups when he is sad and help him out when he is feeling low. Instead, he’s bartered openness for a time commitment, demanding an inordinate amount of this emotional buttressing from his women friends.
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Judith Butler: the backlash against “gender ideology” must stop
these critics willfully misconstrue a class in sex education that, say, introduces masturbation or homosexuality as dimensions of sexual life, as a manual that literally instructs students to masturbate or to become homosexuals.
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Why women solo travel more than men - Vox
"Psychologist Lisa Marie Bobby says the relatively low rate of male solo travel has a lot to do with how men relate to their partners. Men, she says, do relationships through activities. Their way of bonding with another person may involve playing video games or going bowling, whereas women bond through conversation and often by simply passing time with one another. So when men think of traveling, they think to do it as a pair or group activity. She adds that men also aren’t the most proactive. “Sometimes, when left to their own devices, men don’t do things,” she says."
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Women won’t ask a man for more pay – but they will ask a woman | Aeon Ideas
Researchers in Spain found that women seek lower raises when asking a man than they do if the firm's representative is a woman
yesterday by amandasakuma - How medicine discovered sex
a brief introduction into the paradigm shifting realm of sex- and gender-sensitive medicine
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Judith Butler: the backlash against “gender ideology” must stop
We are assigned a sex, treated in various ways that communicate expectations for living as one gender or another, and we are formed within institutions that reproduce our lives through gender norms. So, we are always “constructed” in ways that we do not choose. And yet we all seek to craft a life in a social world where conventions are changing, and where we struggle to find ourselves within existing and evolving conventions. This suggests that sex and gender are “constructed” in a way that is neither fully determined nor fully chosen but rather caught up in the recurrent tension between determinism and freedom.

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A class of their own: The new women of Congress claim their space
In an original documentary, the Washington Post goes behind the scenes with two newly-elected women as they take their place in the 116th Congress: Deb Haaland, one of the first two native American women to serve in Congress, and Ayanna Pressley, the first African American woman to represent Massachusetts. They carry not only the expectations of their constituents, but the hopes of women who see themselves reflected in government for the first time.
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