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The Socialist Case for Gun Control
The argument, made by some that gun control must be opposed because the criminal justice system is irremediably racist, is untenable. It has been argued that the implementation of laws governing sexual assault and domestic abuse are often racialized. Yet few make the case that the state should therefore no longer criminalize sexual assault. The anti-gun-control position assumes that because the racism of the criminal justice system is immutable, it trumps all possible gains of gun legislation. But if its advocates wouldn’t make the same argument about homicide, sexual assault, robbery, etc., the argument is inconsistent. If in the cases of those laws, the answer is to challenge racist implementation, rather than the laws themselves, the same holds true for gun control laws.

Given the history of racialized policing, the call for unarmed police, especially for police on patrol, is certainly one progressives should push. Countries like the United Kingdom, Norway, and New Zealand offer successful instances of the practice. Linking this demand to a wider call for gun control is one way to get it into popular consciousness.
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yesterday by gpe
Why Most Women Wear Pants But Most Men Don’t Wear Dresses - Racked
Why is it considered so socially disturbing for a man to wear a dress, but not for a woman to wear pants or a suit? A nice history, analysis.
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yesterday by npdoty
303- The Hair Chart - 99% Invisible
Andre Walker became famous for being Oprah Winfrey’s hair stylist, but he is also known for something else: a system that he created back in the 1990s to market his line of hair care products. The system categorizes natural hair types, and it's often referred to simply as "the hair chart." The chart identifies four hair types and within each of those categories there are different sub-types. The chart spans straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair. For Walker, the chart was all about selling his p…
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yesterday by jellis
Comedy/Murder podcasts
Women listen to podcasts differently to men when it comes to true crime in particular
Gender  truecrime 
yesterday by mrbennett
Sexism and Sexual Assault in Literary Communities
Dia exhibited a Carl Andre retrospective with no mention of
Ana Mendieta’s death and Elliot Roger massacred several Santa Barbara
students in accordance with his misogynist and racist manifesto. Thus,
it certainly could not have been a “bad summer” as many began to call
it, like the prostitute euphemism “bad date.” Rather, it was the summer
that an active, political, emotional, experimental, critical, deeply serious
poetics scene, with anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist commitments
looked directly at untouched, entrenched patriarchy
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2 days ago by jomc
How to Raise a Feminist Son - The New York Times
Really good list of excellent advice - much of it "do"s rather than "don't"s, which is great for taking positive action rather than just steering clear of badness.
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2 days ago by mindways
incel culture explained
Details on a particularly odious pocket of misogyny on the Internet
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2 days ago by nelson
Gender Shades
Automated systems are not inherently neutral. They reflect the priorities, preferences, and prejudices - the coded gaze - of those who have the power to mold artificial intelligence.

We risk losing the gains made with the civil rights movement and women's movement under the false assumption of machine neutrality. We must demand increased transparency and accountability.
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2 days ago by phillmv

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