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Beliefs About Brilliance and the Demography of Academic Fields » Sociological Images
"Their results showed a clear relationship between the presence of women in a field and the assumption that success required brilliance."
2 days ago by puzzlement
Flickering the Gaslight: Tactics of Organized Online Harassment
"When prominent GamerGaters and MRAs use words that have been developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, or to describe the violent institutions of white supremacy in our countries, they are not “reappropriating” or changing the meaning of the word through the elasticity of language and culture: they are actually enacting violence on the people who need those words to validate their own experiences and existences."
3 days ago by puzzlement
Call for Contributors for our First Issue! | The Recompiler
"The Recompiler is a feminist hacker magazine, launching in Summer 2015. Our goal is to help people learn about technology in a fun, playful way, and highlight the work of underrepresented groups… The deadline to submit ideas for this first issue is April 30."
4 days ago by puzzlement
Female Editor Receives Unbelievably Sexist Email From Scientist
"I request that you withdraw from handling our manuscript and transfer it to a male editor."
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5 days ago by puzzlement
An anthology of queer SFF comics, coming in spring 2015.

Currently fundraising.
6 days ago by puzzlement

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