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Gender Bias in Open Source: Pull Request Acceptance of Women Versus Men
An academic article that finds women are more likely to have their pull requests accepted in general, but less likely to be accepted if they're known to be women
2 days ago by mappings
Presentation: More Than Binary: Inclusive Gender Collection and You | PyCon 2016 in Portland, OR
"More Than Binary: Inclusive Gender Collection & You" will be @precisememory's nifty PyCon debut
3 days ago by brainwane
"FilterScout is a browser extension allows User to set rules for content display, muting unwanted content on the Web, including social media websites. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, newspapers, blogs can be filtered."
4 days ago by brainwane
Three qualities of toxic employees
1. "corrupt, but excel in work performance"
2. selfish
3. overconfident

Sound familiar?
17 days ago by mappings
Risk Mitigation
New post: Risk Mitigation. On sticking to water.
geekfeminism  from twitter
22 days ago by brainwane

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