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Fake Geek Guys: A Message to Men About Sexual Harassment
From a guy.

Someone reacts to the "I've never seen this. Are you sure it really exists?" with the best answer: "Have you ever actually seen the pyramids in Egypt? Are you sure they actually exist?"
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yesterday by moose
The Moon and the Sun on French TV1 | Book View Cafe Blog
Progress report on movie -- feminist science fiction author Vonda N. McIntyre's alternate history book The Moon and the Sun is in production!
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2 days ago by lizhenry
Stand Down, Amazon Warriors: Comic Book Guys Already Killed the Comic Book Store | BOOK RIOT
"For me, it isn’t Amazon that will kill the independent comic shop: it’s the Comic Book Guy."
3 days ago by dsalo
In the Workplace, Leaders Who Aren’t Always Followed -
“To the extent that women were perceived to be brokers, they incurred reputational penalties,” Professor Brands says. “They were seen as more competent, but less warm.”
4 days ago by dsalo

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