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Female Company President: "I'm sorry to all the mothers I worked with" - Fortune
But, I know there are still a lot of people like my 28-year-old self – they undervalue mothers’ contributions because they count hours logged in the office and not actual work. Most mothers lose if that’s the barometer for productivity.

It’s time to break that cycle, and it starts with the people doing the hiring. The way I acted in my twenties had a lot to do with denial. If I didn’t embrace or recognize the mothers on my team, then I didn’t have to think about what my future would be like.
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Apple, that’s awful. CARROT is a very very bad idea. | Fit Is a Feminist Issue

What’s Carrot?

A judgemental calorie counting app. Because we’re not harsh enough on ourselves, I guess. Now you can buy extra harshness.

Seems that it launched just in time for Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

(Note misleading headline: app is not developed by Apple itself as implied.)
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thefourthvine | [RL] Team Angry Cat
I'd pay significant money for a YouTube series that was just ten women angry cat hissing at ability enforcers and mansplainers and dudes shouting "smile, baby!" at random ladies and so on.
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2015 Leadership Awards Finalists | Women In Technology
Women in Technology Announces Finalists for 16th Annual Leadership Awards: "The awards program honors outstanding women working in the Greater Washington, D.C. region who have exemplified unique vision, leadership and profound success in the technology industry."
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