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Salesforce CEO Takes Radical Step To Pay Men And Women Equally
RT : My job is to make sure that women are treated 100% equally in pay, opportunity, advancement:
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2 days ago by hypatia
So You've Been Publicly Scapegoated: Why We Must Speak Out on 'Call-Out Culture'
'The publication of Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed is the culmination of a recent trend: people of means and privilege engaged in well-remunerated shallow handwringing about “public shaming,” particularly through social media.'
3 days ago by mappings
Who is Sharla P. Boehm?
"So there it is – Sharla Boehm wrote the code that demonstrated the feasibility of packed-switched networks. You can look up the original paper that she and Baran wrote, and read every line of code that she wrote and see the actual output from her program."

[that is to say, the code that originally demonstrated the feasibility of the Internet was written by a woman]
5 days ago by mappings
tableflip dot club
Women are leaving your tech company because you don’t deserve to keep us around.
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7 days ago by Z303
Why Women in Tech Need to Start Flipping Tables | Motherboard
I think the huge response to the piece makes it clear how much these are the shared experiences women in tech have, so I'm glad I did go all-out. I'll probably reveal myself eventually. It's not like people don't already know my opinions, but commentary on individual issues are a bit different from a call for women in tech to flip all the tables :)
7 days ago by linpinner
tim | Laying Down the Banhammer
"My feminism is for me. But Geek Feminism isn't for me, anymore. It does, and should continue to center, feminism that's for women. Those of us who are men need to make our own feminist spaces, not ones that exclude women but ones that can occupy a space that doesn't suck attention and resources away from the more pressing needs…"
8 days ago by puzzlement

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