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The myth about smart black kids and “acting white” that won’t die
Nerds come in all colors.
By Jenée Desmond-Harris Jan 5, 2017, 3:50pm EST
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february 2018 by jflorablack
— dramatically better
on impostor syndrome

"And it has become increasingly clear that one of the greatest sources of untruth in my life is my estimate of my own capabilities. "

"What if instead I chose to feel as capable and confident as I rationally should?"
december 2017 by brainwane
No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities – hypatia dot ca
Identifies rock stars as the problem, but also provides a list of measures for organizations to prevent them.
community  abuse  leadership  harassment  management  geekfeminism  via:ciphertext 
november 2017 by npdoty

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