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The TOP SECRET story of Coast Guard code breaking « Coast Guard Compass
Elizebeth and William Friedman, both renowned cryptologists and pioneers of early U.S. efforts in this field, were key players in this endeavor. Elizebeth, the chief of the Cryptanalysis Unit at the time, and an assistant clerk decrypted over 12,000 rum-runner messages in a three year span
geekfeminism  security  engineering  social  history 
6 days ago by configures
Game Developer Barbie Can Actually Code!
By Casey Fiesler, author of the I Can Be a Computer Engineer Barbie Remixed
geekfeminism  toys  womenintech 
12 days ago by jflorablack
Quartz: A LOTR space opera African mythology
A Lord of the Rings-inspired space opera wants to connect you with African mythology
Jackie Bischof February 06, 2016 Quartz Africa

Yohancè, an upcoming futuristic space opera rich with imagery influenced by ancient African culture and design, which aims to connect people with Africa’s past by creating a new mythology inspired by the continent.
The first installment of the graphic novel is planned for April and tells the story of professional burglar Yohancè, whose martial arts and acrobatic skills have earned him the nickname ‘The Monkey.’ Yohancè is on the run after stealing a precious artefact from a ruling empire, an object that he discovers is connected to his past.
fantasy  geekfeminism  peopleofcolor  africa  sciencefiction 
21 days ago by jflorablack
Queer in STEM
A study of sexualities and gender diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
science  queer  geekfeminism  lgbt  stem 
28 days ago by Z303
Hillary Clinton's post on The Toast
A loving farewell to the feminist website, from Herself.
politics  geekfeminism  feminism 
7 weeks ago by jflorablack

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