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Are Strong Values Destroying your Company?
Good points about challenges of flat structure, competitive "honest and open" discussions, etc.
PM  governance  philosophy  geekfeminism 
5 weeks ago by configures
Annie Dookhan chased renown on a path paved with lies - The Boston Globe
"The problem was that much of what she said was not true. Dookhan had neither a master’s nor a doctorate. How she managed to get results so fast, no one is quite sure."

Trinidadian-American chemist Annie Dookhan seemed ambitious, passionate, confident, a 10x worker and super productive, determined, competitive -- all these things we tell women in STEM to be. And she lied, and defrauded the public, and betrayed science and the criminal justice system. A cautionary tale.
8 weeks ago by brainwane
The Politics of Pockets
The history of pockets isn’t just sexist, it’s political CHELSEA G. SUMMERS Sep 19, 2016, 10:02a
fashion  geekfeminism 
10 weeks ago by jflorablack
My Wiscon 2016 speech - NALO HOPKINSON, AUTHOR
"Listen: If I've learned anything in this past little while, it's that there are people who will warp one's message, in violation of one's principles. I know that soon after this speech goes public, there will be those who will either mock it, or appropriate its language for their own ends. They're going to say that I'm modelling the very things against which I'm advocating. That kind of flipping the script has become a popular tactic. I've begun to take it as a measure of success, in part because said appropriation is reactionary, not originary. They envy a particular sound bite or concept, so they try to make it their own, or, failing that, to make fun of it."
11 weeks ago by brainwane
The Facts of Life — Crooked Timber
"Today’s lunchtime irritation; the password re-set questionnaire."
"These are not authenticable factoids to be fed into the maw of some crappy insecurity system. I will not harvest my childhood memories for the convenience of NetSuite or Microsoft or whoever the hell. They are not fixed data-points, ready for commodification and re-use. My memories are just as irreplaceable as a fingerprint biometric, and turning them into smooth, round interchangeable tokens exhausts them in a way I despise."
11 weeks ago by brainwane
Alabama scientist, one of nation's few black female physicists, breaks ground in cancer research
Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, an assistant professor at Tuskegee University, is one of less than 100 black female physicists in the country. She recently won a $1.1 million grant to develop a cancer treatment involving lasers and nanoparticles
cancer  geekfeminism  science 
12 weeks ago by jflorablack
A feminist magazine for girls who love svience
geekfeminism  foralice  giftidea 
september 2016 by jflorablack

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