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How Facebook Exposes Domestic Violence Survivors - The Daily Beast
"Lily hid from her ex for more than 20 years, but he found her because Facebook forces even women who need anonymity to use their real names."
yesterday by puzzlement
The Dehumanizing Myth of the Meritocracy by Coraline Ada Ehmke | Model View Culture
Not surprisingly, marginalized people deliver most of the “soft” talks, while cisgender, white, heterosexual men deliver the more technical, “hard” talks.
yesterday by dsalo
I had a culture column at WIRED. And then I didn’t. Here’s what happened. | monica byrne
"I’ve talked with other writers who’ve had experiences with Wired. My experience is not unique. So as far as I can tell, they don’t cover the future. They produce a white male fantasy of the future. Which isn’t surprising."
2 days ago by puzzlement
How Social Media is Failing Creative Women | Ink, Bits, & Pixels
Real Name policies endanger women. Until these companies understand WHY that is, it’s not possible for the policy to be crafted in a way that reduces the danger.
4 days ago by dsalo
ATP Shownote Data
"when doing this kind of thing it can be helpful to look back on what your past practice has been. For example, it can be useful to audit one’s own habits of linking and engagement. Often exclusion is less a matter of explicit boundary policing (though God knows there’s enough of that in the tech sector) and more a matter of passive homophily."
6 days ago by puzzlement

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