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Don't Lean In. Lean Angry.
"Your pipeline argument is bullshit. Stop using it. Spend some time on this question:

Where did all the senior women go and what are we doing to increase the representation of senior women now?

“But the pipeline! There just aren’t enough women!” you screech."
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17 hours ago by handcoding
Kate Heddleston
Improving Diversity Does Not Mean Lowering the Bar
3 days ago by pfctdayelise
Somewhere in-between “opt out” and “lean in” there lies a middle path.
"There are many ways life can make us miserable. There are also many ways it provides joy. ... I do think that, until I retire fully, I will still be “in tech” in some way, working with engineers and all their flaws. I will experience more discrimination, from men and women alike, but I will also work with beautiful people who bring positive energy wherever they go."
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15 days ago by configures

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