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Rock Against Anything: How Metal Became So Fucking Reactionary and What to Do About It – The Toilet Ov Hell
It was, in many ways, a perfect storm. The old-guard metalheads were being challenged for dominance of the subculture by a younger contingent that they didn’t trust because they hadn’t paid their dues. A large portion of this younger contingent didn’t believe in the permissiveness that had opened the door to the propagation of far-right politics in the subculture. A small but very vocal sub-group within this contingent had taken it upon itself to play the part of moral scold in a world where morality was long thought to have been vanquished. To the old guard (and their millennial fellow travelers) these people were no different than the Televangelists and the PMRC that they had battled in decades past. It didn’t matter that their goals were the polar opposite of those censorious forces when it came to the values they sought to instill; it didn’t matter that they lacked the organization or economic power to actually threaten metal in any meaningful way; it didn’t matter that they still consumed and enjoyed ~90% of the same music. The new breed of metalheads were ideologically aligned with the monoculture that wanted to fundamentally change metal’s relationship with transgression, which had been its most treasured principle for more than a quarter of a century and this was unacceptable. The old-guard metalheads found themselves being forced to pick a side and many were picking the side where their bread had been buttered for a generation.
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