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Python Editor Online possibly to use with Code Club
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yesterday by slykalen
Inside Vaporwave’s Mini-Boom of Floppy Disk Releases – Rolling Stone
Sterling Campbell had co-founded a cassette label and a VHS tape label in Ottawa, but needed a new creative outlet after moving back to Cornwall, Ontario, to be closer to his daughter.
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9 days ago by adden
Redditors are competing to design the most asinine volume sliders - The Verge
We recently celebrated that Apple at long last made the decision to change its volume control in iOS 11 to something less intrusive (which, to be fair, would be almost anything but what it currently is).
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9 days ago by adden
Pays-Bas : ce scooter renvoie les gaz d'échappement à son conducteur
A Amsterdam, une association a modifié le pot d’échappement d’un scooter pour qu’il recrache les gaz polluants sur son conducteur.
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9 days ago by adden
Hackerkey v4
The Hacker Key Guide was inspired by Robert Hayden's excellent Geek Code which has been a long time hacker favorite. However, the Geek Code has not been updated in a long time, and although the commercialization of the Internet has washed away much of the old hacker environment (MUDs, BBSes, DOS...), we must attempt to keep hacker traditions alive, by reimplementation if needed.
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12 days ago by pyrho
Samsung DeX | Apps - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site
Samsung DeX lets you turn your phone into a PC-like experience with a single cable. So you can turn any place into a workplace.
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18 days ago by orlin

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