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Netflix/zuul: Zuul is a gateway service that provides dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, security, and more.
Zuul is a gateway service that provides dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, security, and more
gateway  proxy  server  opensource 
2 days ago by palobo
How to pass a querystring or route parameter to AWS Lambda from Amazon API Gateway - Stack Overflow
As of September 2017, you no longer have to configure mappings to access the request body. All you need to do is check, "Use Lambda Proxy integration", under Integration Request, under the resource.
aws  python  lambda  api  gateway 
4 days ago by danesparza
AWS Serverless APIs & Apps - A Complete Introduction | Udemy
Get into serverless computing with API Gateway, AWS Lambda and other Amazon Web Services! Zero server config APIs & SPAs
aws  serverless  learning  api  gateway  lambda 
13 days ago by jheady
Tutorial for building a Web Application with Amazon S3, Lambda, DynamoDB and API Gateway
In this tutorial we build out a ride sharing application utilizing jQuery, Node.js and AWS Serverless architecture for fun and profit.
aws  lambda  s3  api  gateway  web  application  development  serverless  architecture 
13 days ago by jheady
Omnichannel messaging platform, unified APIs and chat SDKs for software makers | Smooch
Smooch connects your business software to all the world’s messaging channels for a more human customer experience.
chat  messaging  gateway  bridge  service  api 
20 days ago by segfault
My opinion after working for him (and writing this story) is he couldn't see obv... | Hacker News
“My opinion after working for him (and writing this story) is he couldn't see obvious things everyone else could see, but he could see things no one else could. I fought with him over stores as did virtually everyone on the board of Apple, and it turned out he was right. Thank God he was stubborn enough to go forward with them. We all said it drove Gateway out of business, yada.” - couldn’t see obvious things that others could, saw things that no one else could.
stores  stevejobs  apple  gateway  retail  chrismacaskil 
27 days ago by danhon
Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway: Ambassador
Ambassador, open source, Kubernetes-native API Gateway for microservices built on Envoy
kubernetes  microservices  gateway 
27 days ago by geetarista
EAGLE-200™ - Rainforest Automation Energy Monitoring Gateway for Smart Meters - Rainforest Automation
The EAGLE-200™ Energy Gateway connects to your smart meter to allow you to see your real-time whole-home energy usage wherever you are. Use any web-enabled device along with our cloud service to instantly track what is happening to your energy.
energy  monitor  gateway  homeautomation  meter 
5 weeks ago by cyberchucktx

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