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Arduino Pro Gateway for LoRa
Arduino Gateway with LoRa connectivity
arduino  lora  lorawan  gateway  hardware 
5 days ago by edzard
API Management for Micro-services (Micro-apis) – codeburst
Micro-services is a very hot topic these days. Almost all cloud infrastructure providers now support building and deploying micro-services. Some have their own proprietary tools and some uses open…
development  api  gateway  aws  resource  !great 
17 days ago by alexmc
lacicloud/payiota: The PHP-based IOTA payment gateway.
The PHP-based IOTA payment gateway. Contribute to lacicloud/payiota development by creating an account on GitHub.
iota  payment  cryptocurrency  opensource  gateway 
24 days ago by orlin
GitHub - Nebo15/annon.api: Configurable API gateway that acts as a reverse proxy with a plugin system.
Configurable API gateway that acts as a reverse proxy with a plugin system. - Nebo15/annon.api
elixir  gateway 
25 days ago by geetarista
The Butterfly Methodology: a gateway-free approach for migrating legacy information systems - IEEE Conference Publication
"The problems posed by mission-critical legacy systems-e.g., brittleness, inflexibility, isolation, non-extensibility, lack of openness-are well known, but practical solutions have been slow to emerge. Generally, organisations attempt to keep their legacy systems operational, while developing mechanisms which allow the legacy systems to interoperate with new, modern systems which provide additional functionality. The most mature approach employs gateways to provide this interoperability. However, gateways introduce considerable complexity in their attempt to maintain consistency between the legacy and target systems. This paper presents an innovative gateway-free approach to migrating legacy information systems in a mission-critical environment: the Butterfly Methodology. The fundamental premise of this methodology is to question the need for the parallel operation of the legacy and target systems during migration."
legacy  migration  butterfly  strangulation  gateway  methodology 
26 days ago by danhon

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