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NH firms say gas lines here are safe | New Hampshire
As hundreds of utility workers continued the slow process of checking more than 8,500 gas meters after a string of fires and explosions rocked northern Massachusetts Thursday night, companies in New Hampshire reassured customers that their gas lines are safe.
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New Gas Leak Detected in Boston Area Racked by Fatal Blasts - Bloomberg
A new natural gas leak was discovered in the Boston area just two days after a series of pipeline explosions killed one person, injured more than 25 and prompted Massachusetts to declare a state of emergency.
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1 dead, 10 injured after 'Armageddon'-like gas explosions cause fires in 39 homes near Boston |
Investigators worked Friday to pinpoint the cause of a series of fiery natural gas explosions that killed a teen driver in his car just hours after he got his license, injured at least 25 others and left dozens of homes in smoldering ruins.
natural  gas  explosion  massachusetts  2018  lawrence  september 
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