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This summer could be a defining moment for Taiwan's electrical infrastructure.
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yesterday by schee
Conceptual Design of an Air-Breathing Electric Thruster
Seems beehive-style inlets for air scooping at low orbital altitudes are in.
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14 days ago by asteroza
Soviet scientist backs UK over Skripal poisoning
At the same time, as a professional chemist, I perfectly understand that we will not get 100 per cent proof of the guilt of the Kremlin-Lubyanka killers, neither from the English specialists, nor from the experts of the OPCW,”
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16 days ago by yorksranter
Iranian chemists identify Russian chemical warfare agents - Ezine -
The authors succeeded in synthesising and obtaining detailed mass spectral data on a series of unusual nerve agents. The data have been added to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ Central Analytical Database (OCAD). It is important that such databases are as comprehensive as possible so that unusual chemical weapons can be unambiguously detected. The task of ridding the world of all chemical weapons requires a great deal of painstaking work, but the ultimate goal is surely something of which we should all approve.
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20 days ago by yorksranter

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