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Eric Schwarz on Twitter: "A good tip if you go to a gas station where they show video ads while pumping: (Althernatively, you could get your gas elsewhere next time…)"
(On muting ads at gas stations—)
“Whether your pump advertises it or not, however, there’s a handy way to shut the dang thing up. There’s an array of buttons along the side of the screen. One of these buttons (usually) mutes the ads. Which one is anyone’s guess, as different companies choose a different mute button. To figure out which one, just start at the top and start pressing each button until you find the one that gives you the blissful silence you’re looking for.”
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初心者向けGoogle Apps Script入門として名言Botの作り方をお伝えしています。今回は、コードに直書きしたくないデータを格納する機能プロパティストアについて、またスクリプトプロパティの入力の方法です。
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14 days ago by oppara
RINNAI: Caldaie, asciugabiancheria e scaldabagni | Rinnai Italia S.r.l.
Rinnai è tra le aziende leader a livello mondiale nell'ambito della produzione di caldaie, asciugabiancheria, scaldabagni a gas per il riscaldamento domestico e la produzione di ACS.
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