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Factory reset your phone to allow opengapps install properly
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16 days ago by 0x72776F7A
On Switching from an iPad Pro and a Macbook to a Pixelbook • Fraser Speirs
Fraser (who I've known for years) drove the first "all iPad" school in Scotland - perhaps the world - but on becoming head teacher, found his iPad Pro wasn't up to the job:
<p>mainly what happened [is] my work took me outside that boundary of complexity and duration that the iPad can support.

At the same time, Chromebooks have been on the rise. They are killing Apple in US K-12 education but it’s still not clear exactly what impact they are having on the wider market if any. It does seem obvious to me, though, that Google knows exactly where their strength lies and it actually has very little to do with ChromeOS itself.

My school runs on GSuite but we usually access it through iPads. What I have found, though, is that the GSuite iOS apps are not very good. They lack important (and sometimes basic) functionality found in the web version of GSuite and they take a long time to adopt iOS platform features.

The point, though, is that GSuite is so powerful and so much at the heart of everything I do at school that if you asked me to decide between giving up GSuite and giving up iPad, I’m afraid iPad has to go. It is for this reason that I have been vocally advocating that Apple make iOS Safari as close to a “desktop class” browser as it can be. I don’t know the technical reasons why GSuite can’t be accessed in Safari on iOS. I don’t know if the browser has limitations that mean the apps genuinely can’t run in it, or whether they could but Google just chooses not to allow it.

I’m entirely willing to believe that this isn’t Apple’s fault. That doesn’t mean it’s not their problem. Lack of feature-complete access to GSuite is, I believe, as serious a risk to Apple in K-12 as the potential lack of Photoshop and Office on Mac OS X was to its role in business back in the early 2000s.

None of this is to say that iPad and iOS has suddenly become a bad platform. It has not - although I could make a strong case that every change made to multitasking in iOS 11 worsened the experience in every way. iPad is still a good platform for the things it was good at back in 2015/16 when I was using it full time. What has really changed more than anything are my own personal computing needs and the strength of the competition.</p>

If I try to access on the iPad, Google flat-out refuses and insists I use the Google Docs app. Personally, I don't like that.
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6 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Google Suite Catch-All Email Address Not Working | Sal Ferrarello
On Tuesday October 9, 2018 my G Suite Catch-All Email Address stopped working. My account is a free legacy account that I setup back when it was called Google Apps.
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october 2018 by mortonfox

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