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Tenhou Documentation
"Here's documentation on the popular online mahjong client 'Tenhou' (天鳳). What with the entire website and client being in Japanese, English documentation would be pretty useful to novices. Though this doesn't teach mahjong in itself, it should explain Tenhou inside out for the end user."
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13 hours ago by Mykl
Fortnite Battle Royale Map: Chest Spawn Locations
Web application to register all chest spawn locations at Epic Games's Fortnite Battle Royale game with an interactive map
tips  guide  gaming  fortnite 
18 hours ago by matthojo
Build your own Raspberry Pi retro gaming rig using RetroPie
Learn how to install RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi to create your own retro gaming rig.
RaspberryPi  gaming 
18 hours ago by CBanga
SXSW 2018: A Look Back at the 1960s PLATO Computing System - IEEE Spectrum
Author Brian Dear on how these terminals were designed for coursework, but students preferred to chat and play games [...]

“Out of the top 10 programs on PLATO running any day, most were games,” Dear says. “They used more CPU time than anything else.” In one popular game called Empire, players blast each other’s spaceships with phasers and torpedoes in order to take over planets.

And PLATO had code review built into the OS:

Another helpful feature that no longer exists was called Term Comment. It allowed users to leave feedback for developers and programmers at any place within a program where they spotted a typo or had trouble completing a task.

To do this, the user would simply open a comment box and leave a note right there on the screen. Term Comment would append the comment to the user’s place in the program so that the recipient could easily navigate to it and clearly see the problem, instead of trying to recreate it from scratch on their own system.

“That was immensely useful for developers,” Dear says. “If you were doing QA on software, you could quickly comment, and it would track exactly where the user left this comment. We never really got this on the Web, and it’s such a shame that we didn’t.”
plato  computing  history  chat  empire  gaming  code-review  coding  brian-dear 
22 hours ago by jm
Video Game History Timeline | The Strong
From the International Center for the History of Electronic Games® (ICHEG)
games  gaming  history  netnarr 
yesterday by cogdog
Tiger LCD Games
LCD screens from old games.
games  gaming  lcd  history  technology 
yesterday by garrettc

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