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History of Wargaming Project
The Matrix Games Handbook:

Professional Applications from Education to Analysis and Wargaming
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1 hour ago by rwhe
Welcome to Turbo Sub - Have You Seen Bouncer
On the ill-fated Entertainment Sciences video game company, who designed a system-based arcade board in 1982(!), the RIP2000, and the two unreleased games for it: Bouncer and Turbo Sub. The system was heavily dedicated towards complicated sprites, for use showing full animated graphics(similar to digital cel painting).
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2 hours ago by mechazoidal
What’s the Problem in Problem Gaming? | Nordicom
What’s the problem in problem gaming? is a valuable contribution to the debates about young people’s gaming habits and the highly contested concept of video game addiction.
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22 hours ago by kaarlows
Virtual Apple ][ -- Version 4.5
Vintage Apple2 games and educational programs, documentation, images, disk images, manuals, and online emulators
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22 hours ago by djsalinger
Best Practices: What Should We do? Inviting Students into Political Theory through Action
Teaching political theory promises better thinkers, better community members, and better democratic citizens. Teaching political theory in a community of learning is often especially rewarding as the lived community experience of the campus becomes food for thought and a site of action. As an assistant professor beginning my first job, my challenge was to design an introductory course that would be compelling to students highly interested in contemporary politics and activism and less excited about theoretical inquiry and ultimate questions. I needed to develop a political theory course for a theory-shy audience. This is the story of a political theory course thematically centered on action. In a world impatient with thought and much more appreciative of the virtues of action, or at least activity, it is possible to invite students into the study of thought by focusing on the question of action.
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23 hours ago by Jibarosoy
Political Theory Simulations in the Classroom: Simulating John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government
Political scientists frequently use in-class simulations as teaching tools. However, few such exercises have been developed to assist in teaching pre-modern political theories. This is unfortunate because simulations effectively promote active learning and excite students about course material. This article develops a new simulation to teach Locke's Second Treatise of Government in an introductory general education or political science course. Surveys of participants indicate that the Locke simulation promotes active learning, as well as understanding of course concepts, teamwork, and interest in the material.
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