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Boys hard at work, recording the Noita soundtrack 👌
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july 2018 by lisov
RT : The 🎷Jazz of Grim Fandango concert‼️‼️‼️▶️ …
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june 2018 by lisov
RT : The 🎷Jazz of Grim Fandango concert‼️‼️‼️▶️ …
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june 2018 by lisov
Video games are influencing a generation of electronic music innovators - Scene reports - Mixmag
Video games have soundtracked the youth of countless people who’ve grown up in the past three decades. As more and more of Generation Y come of age, we’re seeing more and more producers crafting music heavily indebted to an upbringing surrounded in swirling neon colour, flashing images and glossy synthesised noises – and it’s helping dance music progress in interesting directions.
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january 2018 by dk33per
有名人が参加したゲーム音楽のパターン | ゲームミュージックなブログ
この前『キリンジ堀込高樹氏がナムコ時代に参加していた『風のクロノア』の音楽 – ゲームミュージックなブログ』というのを書きましたけど、有名人が実はゲーム音楽を作っていた、ということはわりとあります。ただ via Pocket
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january 2018 by nakakzs
スプラトゥーンの『元祖正調塩辛節 振付動画』が公開 | ゲームミュージックなブログ
YouTubeの任天堂公式チャンネルで、スプラトゥーンのPVとして、『Splatoon 元祖正調塩辛節 振付動画 【ガチ盆踊り】』が出ています。 via Pocket
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december 2017 by nakakzs
Apparently the inspiration for Guile Theme
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march 2017 by hagure
Music Composer for TV, Games and Media - Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright is composer whose music can be heard on TV, Trailers and in video games.
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march 2017 by sxalexander

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