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2015 年的一款很美的滑雪游戏,现在有了续作_游戏_好奇心日报
2015 年,游戏工作室 Snowman 开发了一款以滑雪为主题的跑酷游戏 Alto's Adventure,画面、环境音效都相当不错,也得到过苹果 App Store 的推荐。 via Pocket
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7 hours ago by Teecy
Game Giveaway of the Day – Mighty Party: Back to Transylvania
Please note: This content requires the base game Mighty Party on Steam in order to play. You can download and install the basic edition of Mighty Party free of charge. via Pocket
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8 hours ago by dcolanduno
RT : They were demoing the when an elderly couple turned up and asked what they were doing.…
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10 hours ago by avesse
Grid Critters | geddski
Master CSS Grids, Save the Critters
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yesterday by tscheer
I analyzed 1000 "hardcore" mobile games released within the last two years and made a list of the most commonly recurring words in the Game Titles. : Android
The Leader Board:
1st place w/ 62: War
2nd place w/ 55: Heroes (of)
3rd place w/ 34: Dragon
4th place w/ 31: Legend
5th place w/ 28: Battle
Tied w/ 23: Monster, Adventure, Mobile
Tied w/ 22: RPG, World (of)
Tied w/ 19: Fantasy, Star, Quest, Kingdom
Tied w/ 17: Knights, Warriors, Empire
Tied w/ 16: Souls, Final, Alliance
Tied w/ 14: Clash, Blade, Dungeon
Tied w/ 12: King, Saga, Guardians, Conquest
Tied w/ 11: Arena, Super, Gods, Age (of), Mini
Tied w/ 10: Zombie, Blood, Raid, Puzzle, Tactics, Titan, Force, Fighters
Tied w/ 9: Master, Online, Guns, League, Sword, City, Castle
Tied w/ 8: Champions, Duel, Eternal, Lords, Spirit, Tap, Glory, Go!
Tied w/ 7: Magic, Pocket, Rival, Squad, Summoners, Turbo
Tied w/ 6: Tales, Epic, Brave, Space, Storm, Racer, Fire
Tied w/ 5: Little, Heart, Ultimate, Brave, Tiny, Ghost, Rune, Project, Soldiers, Mighty, Galaxy, Cosmic Wonder, Origins, Crash
"The" (72)
"__ of __" (152)
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yesterday by markhurst

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