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A cool web app for calculating the odds of a given die roll
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20 hours ago by jharper
How Professional Gambler James Holzhauer Broke 'Jeopardy!' | WIRED
“The real advantage I draw from my job is that I don't have a mental block about betting $38,314 on one trivia question,” he says. “It's only money.”
7 days ago by craniac
Bookmakers accused of bypassing FOBT rules with roulette-style games
Would one alternative be to ban gambling on random number generators? Insist on games having some kind of skill involved?
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17 days ago by andrewducker
The Family Vice
"Charlie was also the last bookie my father ever had, because every so often they had differences not of opinion but of fact -- because every so often he would tell my father that he hadn't bet a game my father thought he'd won or that he lost a game he thought he hadn't bet. They argued, and Charlie would win. Charlie always won. What was my father going to do -- show him the notes he made at the breakfast table with his stubby pencil? My father had to pay him no matter what -- no matter what -- a requirement made clear when he visited my father's office and my brother asked: 'What happens if someone doesn't pay?' Charlie's answer was unsmiling and definitive. 'He wouldn't want to do that,' he said, and my father never did. But I believe that for the first time he had to borrow money to pay his gambling debts -- and that for the first time he got scared."
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4 weeks ago by bankbryan
Dice Roll: The Phantom Gambler
Pay the backline,” said the dealer. And just like that, the man won over $1.5 million. He calmly filled the empty suitcase with his winnings, exited Binion’s into the desert afternoon, and drove off. It was the largest amount ever bet on a dice roll in America.

Before this highest of high rollers could stalk away, Ted Binion managed to get a few details out of him. The Phantom Gambler’s real name was William Lee Bergstrom. He was a thirty-three-year-old who’d made some money flipping apartment buildings in Austin. Bergstrom had dabbled in trading gold and silver, and said he’d borrowed half of the original $777,000 by telling the bank it was for gold. He let Binion know that if he’d lost the bank’s money, he’d planned to kill himself by swallowing seventy pills.
5 weeks ago by craniac

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