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Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy Wearables: Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit
Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Buds, built in partnership with AKG. With improvements to sound quality, the Buds have adaptive dual microphones that intelligently analyses environmental noise to enhance voice for calls. An outer microphone intelligently analyses ambient noise, while the inner microphone picks up sound waves travelling internally in your body for greater clarity...

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Samsung’s  2019  Galaxy  Wearables:  Buds  Watch  Active  Fit 
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S$1,078 Samsung Galaxy S10: Beating the Competition to the (Hole) Punch
Samsung’s S10 marks ten years of its S-series of flagship smartphones. It also marks a series of world-firsts, including an expression of its display making prowess with the world’s first dynamic AMOLED on a mobile device. Amongst the phones launched are the Galaxy S10e (starting SGD 1,078), Galaxy S10 (SGD 1,298) , Galaxy S10+ (SGD 1,398 –...

The post S$1,078 Samsung Galaxy S10: Beating the Competition to the (Hole) Punch appeared first on .
S$1  078  Samsung  Galaxy  S10:  Beating  the  Competition  to  (Hole)  Punch 
25 days ago by vrzone
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Buds launched alongside Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold - Republic World
Samsung launched a slew of smart wearable devices alongside the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold today at its Unpacked 2019 keynote event in San Francisco
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