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Your Most Important Person - yunyu - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Some people got their soulmarks on their arms or faces or some other place that was more difficult to hide. He remembered how Minato-sensei’s hair would sometimes be lifted by the wind enough to reveal “Uzumaki Kushina dattebane!” written boldly across the back of his neck in crimson. His teacher had sometimes laughed in his gentle way about it, saying that fate was determined to make things easy for him.

Your Most Important Person
Or, Kakashi tries to fight fate and fate fights back.
Or, how many ways can a soulmark screw you over?
Or, sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

+ not a lot of conflict in this, mostly set post series.
fic  kakashi/sakura  naruto  futurefic  soulbonding  50k 
3 days ago by exclamations
sorion - Temeraire
James Bond is not a man to retire. At least not without a proper incentive.
jamesbond  james.bond/q  sorion  futurefic  declaration  schmoop  fallinginlove  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
5 days ago by silentfire
The Earl - ignatiustrout
[sequel to "Here's The Pencil, Make It Work"]

"Harry enters the kitchen and Draco immediately turns to begin rant number 936 about the wizarding world’s complete ignorance of the advances being made re: the Internet — except the words die in his throat when he realizes there is a bit of gray fuzz poking out of the collar of Harry’s zipped jacket.

It only takes Draco a few seconds to realize the bit of fuzz has yellow eyes and is very much alive.

Draco narrows his eyes. “That is not a scarf,” he says.

“No,” Harry says sheepishly. “He’s not a scarf.” There is snow in his hair, and his hands are stained with brightly colored paints as they often are when he returns home from the primary school where he’s doing his student teaching. He unzips his jacket and cradles the ball of fuzz in his hands.

It is a kitten. A small round kitten. Not an “it” but a “he,” apparently.

Draco loves him instantly."
hp:harry/draco  ignatiustrout  canon-based  established  futurefic  aww  curtainfic  jealousy  humor  G  length:1-5k  favorite  saved:WILL 
7 days ago by citibyrd
Beyond the Burn by eyres (PG, 7,681 words)
In the end, it's like the snap never happened at all. Time rewinds on itself like a yo-yo, wrapping up the long thread of years that the world spent in mourning and chaos until all of it is tucked neatly away, out of sight.

Except for Steve.
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  futurefic  post-IW  angst  hurt/comfort  Mid-Length 
8 days ago by tenillypo
Ladylade - The Names We Gain and the Anger We Share
By the time Allison’s twenty-four, the other hunters call her The Cleanser. She hunts down a rogue, they say, and it’s like the thing never existed. But there is one thing the hunters don’t know, and that thing is bundled up on the back seat of her car on the long drive home from South Dakota, finally sleeping.
teenwolf  ladylade  gen  het  scott/allison  au:canon  futurefic  kidfic  packdynamics  family  wc:<5k  fluff  via:goodgriefcharlie 
13 days ago by butterflykiki
You go your way, I'll go your way too - emmerrr - All For The Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
Neil tries to leave it as long as possible to make his first phone-call to Andrew. He figures the longer he can go without hearing Andrew’s voice, the easier it will be in the long run.

He doesn’t quite make it forty-eight hours.

(Five times Neil calls Andrew after Andrew has graduated, plus one time Andrew calls Neil)
fandom:allforthegame  futurefic 
17 days ago by kit12123
'Golden Boy' series by Mary Louise Fisher
Starsky was a happy man--homicide lieutenant, nice house, dog, cat, and fifteen years of domesticity with the person he loved who loved him back. Yes, Starsky was a happy man, if only his perfect partner wasn't so aggravating!
extralong:50.000-100.000  FANFIC  slash  humor  Starsky&Hutch  Starsky/Hutch  futurefic  @starskyhutcharchive.net  a:MaryLouiseFisher  s:Golden_Boy_series 
20 days ago by endeniem
Here's The Pencil, Make It Work - ignatiustrout
[The one where Harry doesn't know what he wants to do in life and he keeps running into Malfoy in muggle places - super good!]

""Yeah, I think we'd better be going, mate," says Ron, when more beer materializes at the bar in front of them, clapping Harry on the back. "See you then, Malfoy – or not – whatever."

"That boy called him Drake, did you hear?" Harry yells as Ron begins shepherding him back towards their friends. Some beer sloshes over Harry's front.

"Right, yeah, I heard, mate, you wanna lower your voice a bit?" says Ron. "Have you got that?" He nods to the drinks in Harry's hands, and, irritated now, Harry nods curtly. He's not that drunk, Merlin, and even if he is, he can take care of himself. He's eighteen, isn't he, nineteen in a couple months, and well, what exactly does this day commemorate? Something that proves he's a capable wizard, that's for sure. Well, sort of. People seem to think so.

"I'm not that drunk," Harry tells Ron very seriously when they return to the table with everybody's drinks. He eyes the liquid on his shirt apprehensively."
hp  hp:harry/draco  ignatiustrout  canon-based  firsttime  futurefic  pining  humor  ngh  aww  R  length:30-50k  saved:mobi  favorite 
20 days ago by citibyrd
it takes three, you and him and me - softlightwood - All For The Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
Nicky asks, “are you…I mean, what’s happening, Andrew? Are you okay? Because Kevin and Neil were just-”

“I know,” Andrew cuts him off. The flat, bored intonation of his voice makes it inexplicably funnier when he adds, “I have unfortunately saddled myself with two idiots who cannot keep it in their pants for more than five minutes at a time”

“Well,” Kevin huffs, indignant. “You don’t usually have any complaints”
fandom:allforthegame  pairing:kandreil  futurefic 
22 days ago by kit12123
The Real Giant Slaying Was The Friends We Made Along The Way - coveredinfeels - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
There's nothing quite like a grand hunt to celebrate a wedding, and why do the hunting yourself when you could hire a bunch of mercenaries to stick swords in something dangerous for you? That's what they're for, after all.

Or, the Chargers (minus their retired boss and his annoying mage husband) and the Nevarran Collective (new to the world of dragon slaying and none of them willing to shut up about it) meet in pursuit of a noble goal - fight giants, get paid, get drunk, and maybe complain about Dorian Pavus some.

A sequel to Seven Habits of Highly Effective Dragonslayers.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  gen  futurefic  humor  short  'ao3 
23 days ago by esther_a

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