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Skills Gap in the Future Workforce | Accenture
Our ground-breaking economic modelling uncovers how intelligent technologies will reshape the demand for tasks, skills and jobs.
Today’s education and training systems are not keeping up with the current demand for skills, let alone tomorrow’s new demands.
New approaches to learning are needed if businesses are to achieve the growth promised by intelligent technologies.
We suggest three remedies: Speed up experiential learning techniques, broaden individuals’ blend of skills, and ensure inclusive access to tomorrow’s skilling solutions.
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Future of Jobs 2018 - Reports - World Economic Forum
Changing employment types: Nearly 50% of companies expect that automation will lead to some reduction in their full-time workforce by 2022, based on the job profiles of their employee base today. However, 38% of businesses surveyed expect to extend their workforce to new productivity-enhancing roles, and more than a quarter expect automation to lead to the creation of new roles in their enterprise. In addition, businesses are set to expand their use of contractors doing task-specialized work, with many respondents highlighting their intention to engage workers in a more flexible manner, utilizing remote staffing beyond physical offices and decentralization
of operations.
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Who are the children hoping to earn £24 an hour? - BBC News
By their mid-teens, white and Indian boys aspire to jobs with an estimated average hourly wage of about £18. Bangladeshi boys start off aiming for significantly lower-paid jobs, but, like Pakistani and black African boys, end up aspiring to jobs with hourly wages of about £24.

By the time they turn 14, boys also have very different views about whether they will get a degree.

Asked how likely they thought it was that they would go to university, white and black Caribbean boys gave themselves a 60% chance. In contrast, black African, Indian and Bangladeshi boys all gave themselves an 80% chance.
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Artificial Intelligence and Retail Operating Models | Accenture
Given the perceived complexity of AI solutions and the fast-changing nature of the AI landscape, retailers’ hesitancy may be understandable. But that hesitancy will prove costly over the long run. Unless they jump on board, retailers will miss countless opportunities to develop meaningful customer relationships, turbo-charge their operations, and grow their businesses. In fact, a strong AI capability and a data-driven decision-making culture will be table stakes for retailers in only a few short years. Retailers that don’t prepare for this reality today will lose to those that do.
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25 Years of WIRED Predictions: Why the Future Never Arrives
These early views of the sharing economy were accurate depictions of the moment, but poor visions of the future. Within a few short years, many of those Uber drivers would be stuck paying off their cars in sub-minimum-wage jobs with no benefits. What began as an earnest insight about bits and atoms quickly turned into an arbitrage opportunity for venture capitalists eager to undercut large, lucrative markets by skirting regulations. To meet the growth and monetization demands of investors, yesterday’s sharing economy became today’s gig economy.
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Discover the latest science and technology news and videos on breakthroughs that are shaping the world of tomorrow with Futurism.
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