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Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The I…
This is a collection of thoughts around where we are right now in the history of the Internet. I believe we're getting ahead of ourselves, confusing the growth of the Internet with it growing up, but I also believe we're doing some amazing things, and can draw a few lines in the sand, making some solid guesses on where we are going.
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2 days ago by DirkSonguer
Mobile Life | VINN Excellence Centre 2007-2017
Mobile Life’s research found its base in design-led exploration of novel technology. We envisioned an enjoyment society, where happiness, pleasure and playfulness are key factors. The technology trend that supported this was the emerging consumer-oriented Internet of Things (IoT). To map out and understand this future development, the centre performed strategic innovation by collaboratively creating and evaluating enjoyment services that will make the vision of an enjoyment society a reality.

The Mobile Life VINN Excellence Centre was formed in 2007 and closed down in March 2017. During these years the Centre established itself as an internationally recognised research locus in the area of mobile services. The centre operated as a joint venture between its research partners, industrial partners and public sector partners with funding from the Swedish governmental funding agency VINNOVA.
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2 days ago by DirkSonguer
[no title]
This paper is an introduction to the “Future IKEA Catalogue”, enclosed here as an example of a design fiction produced from a long standing industrial-academic collaboration. We introduce the catalogue here by discussing some of our experiences using design fiction` with companies and public sector bodies, giving some background to the catalogue and the collaboration which produced it. We have found design fiction to be a useful tool to support collaboration with industrial partners in research projects – it provides a way of thinking and talking about present day concepts, and present day constraints, without being overly concerned with contemporary challenges, or the requirements of academic validation. In particular, there are two main aspects of this we will discuss here, aspects that are visible in the enclosed catalogue itself. The first is the potential of design fiction as a sort of ‘boundary object’ in industry and academic collaboration, and second the role of critique. After this introduction to the paper we enclose the output of our collaboration in the form of the catalogue itself.
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2 days ago by DirkSonguer
Oracle’s cloudy “nothing burger” makes Wall Street suspicious
"Oracle turned in positive quarterly and full year numbers, but Wall Street got the vapors about a change in how earnings are reported."
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2 days ago by jonerp
Anne Galloway | PhD Dissertation
Since the late 1980s, researchers have been working on a "post-desktop" paradigm for human-computer interaction, known as "ubiquitous" or "pervasive" computing. Combining any number of mobile, networked and context-aware technologies, pervasive computing involves the embedding of computational capacities in the objects and environments that surround us. When this research began to spread from university and corporate labs to the popular imagination, there was an almost immediate and negative reaction, marked by anxieties around the idea of technologies penetrating into everyday life. In North America and Europe in particular, privacy concerns came to the fore as commentators envisioned a world of absolute surveillance. Conversely, the more recent emerging research agendas in "urban computing" and "locative media" present a strongly utopian vision.
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2 days ago by DirkSonguer
Above Avalon: Apple Is Figuring Out What's Next
When thinking about what comes next, it's difficult to miss the rising yellow line in the preceding chart. Apple is seeing significant sales momentum in its battle for our wrists with Apple Watch and our ears with AirPods. These new form factors are successful in making technology more personal for tens of millions of people. When combining Apple Watch and AirPods sales, Apple's wearables segment will soon outsell iPad in terms of unit sales.

The next wearables battle will be for our eyes. This battle will revolve around a product that benefits from technologies currently found with ARKit, Siri, and Apple's ML efforts. Apple is setting the stage for smart glasses. A pair of smart glasses will essentially boil down to an ML playground cool looking and light enough to wear throughout the day. There's one problem for Apple: The world isn't quite ready for such a product. As Jony Ive put it a few months ago, "there are certain ideas that we have, and we're waiting for the technology to catch up."
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2 days ago by dancall
Thread by @ecomentario: "p.31 ecoed.wikispaces.com/file/view/C.+A… ecoed.wikispaces.com/file/view/C.+A… p.49 ecoed.wikispaces.com/file/view/C.+A… ecoed.wikispaces.co […]"
[on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ecomentario/status/1007269183317512192 ]

[many of the captures come from: "From A Pedagogy for Liberation to Liberation from Pedagogy" by Gustavo Esteva, Madhu S. Prakash, and Dana L. Stuchul, which is no longer available online as a standalone PDF (thus the UTexas broken link), but is inside the following document, also linked to in the thread.]

[“Rethinking Freire: Globalization and the Environmental Crisis" edited by C.A.Bowers and Frédérique Apffel-Marglin
https://ecoed.wikispaces.com/file/view/C.+A.+Bowers,+Frdrique+Apffel-Marglin,+Frederique+Apffel-Marglin,+Chet+A.+Bowers+Re-Thinking+Freire+Globalization+and+the+Environmental+Crisis+Sociocultural,+Political,+and+Historical+Studies+in+Educatio+2004.pdf ]
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3 days ago by robertogreco
Amazon Alexa for Hospitality: The Smart Hotel of The Future Is Here
Amazon has announced a new version of its Echo smart home assistant, Alexa for Hospitality, targetted at hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry. With features on board specifically intended for businesses in the hospitality sector, Alexa for Hospitality pushes the envelope for posibilities in service standards in the industry. For guests who have Alexa...

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Amazon  Alexa  for  Hospitality:  The  Smart  Hotel  of  Future  Is  Here 
3 days ago by vrzone
Handedness in shearing auxetics creates rigid and compliant structures | Science
*Okay, if you're into new materials, the affordances in this stuff are gonna be pretty dang weird. #design
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3 days ago by tamberg
The Machine Fired Me | Hacker News
> This is literally an episode of Better Off Ted.[1] In it, the titular Ted is inadvertenly deleted from the company system when trying to correct a misspelling of his last name. Eventually, he is forced to interview for his own job as the system had already put out an ad for his replacement. I think the most striking part of it, and of the true story from the post, is the human factor - the idea that the humans involved looked to the system as an authority and followed its orders blindly.
I wonder what other examples there are of people blindly following technology - people driving into lakes because their GPS told them to, etc. Plus, as our society gets more and more dependent on these systems, we may lose out on the flexibility that human mediators and problem solvers once gave us. The human tendency to defer to authority may never be as terrifying as when that authority is held by an uncaring machine with a couple bugs.

> The episode about the black engineer who isn't detected by the motion sensors is basically straight out of HP's webcam fiasco[1](although the show takes it to the logical and hilarious extreme).

> Reminds me of Frank Herbert's ominous (fictional) prophecy:
“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
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3 days ago by hellsten

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