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AV Cabinets | Salamander Designs - Salamander Designs
Furniture systems for home theaters, entertainment centers, audio systems and other AV and organizational uses that take customization to a whole new level.
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2 days ago by razorfrog
William Morrish
“You need to understand that whatever you design has a relationship to multiple issues.” Those issues include not just the material and construction of the object but also how it’s used in the daily activities of consuming, working, and living—what Morrish calls “basic economic and ecological transactions.”

So how do you teach this? As an example, Morrish refers to a class taught by Alfred Zollinger in which interior design students are asked to find a discarded chair, reclaim it, examine it, and imagine the chair’s original environment and use. The final step is to create a series of rooms inspired by the chair. “By slowly working your way backward like this, you learn that what you make is part of a chain in the supply system,” says Morrish. “You start focusing on where the object belongs, rather than just saying, 'Let’s design a room and put some furniture in it!'”
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2 days ago by shannon_mattern
Home - Bodybilt
Highly customizable/orderable office chairs, the linear tracking arms that replace the arm rests are also pretty cool.
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3 days ago by asteroza
EverBlock Systems - Modular Building Blocks
Giant Legos for building furniture and walls: EverBlock #fabrication
block  blocks  lego  wall  furniture  design  construction  fabrication 
3 days ago by yig
Simple solutions for everyday problems | Bluelounge
Bluelounge is an award-winning, international design studio known for its clever products that solve everyday problems through design.
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4 days ago by alexmc

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