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[FOTO] Trump in Mayeva glavna akterja v muzikalu Lie Lie Land |
Britanska mesta so med tednom preplavili grafiti, ki prikazujejo parodijo na naslovnico muzikla La La Land (Dežela la la). Na grafitih sta v plesnem gibu upodobljena Donald Trump in britanska premierka Theresa May. Namesto naslova La la Land nad njima piše Lie Lie Land (Dežela laži).
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23 hours ago by TomasMartinez
How Women Can Be Allies to the Men’s Rights Movement - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
While a woman walks out of a movie theater imagining that she’s an ageless Wonder Woman, men are forced to trudge out of movie theaters dreaming of being only pirates, galaxy guardians, spidermen, comedians, Winston Churchills, lifeguards, boss babies, or baby drivers.
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yesterday by Gfontenot
You Want Snark With Those Fries? No One Is Safe From Wendy’s Tweets - WSJ
Hilarious article about Wendy's twitter account roasting people, love this
yesterday by ramitsethi
KRANG T. NELSON on Twitter:


Tweet mashup - John McCain and Pornhub

For 8 years, US Strategy in #Afghanistan was simply: Don't send dick pics.
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yesterday by sechilds

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