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dylanbeattie/rockstar: The Rockstar programming language specification
The Rockstar programming language specification. Contribute to dylanbeattie/rockstar development by creating an account on GitHub.
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1 hour ago by iiridayn
Earning the Right to Get Swindled - Bloomberg
If an article ever appears in the Wall Street Journal in which you (or your lawyer) are quoted saying that you were just a simple dentist, didn’t understand what you were buying and were swindled by the seller’s flashy sales pitch, then you go to prison.
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5 hours ago by ramitsethi
Министр образования Башкирии допустила две ошибки в трех предложениях. Сказала, это эксперимент (???) — Meduza
Министр образования Башкирии Гульназ Шафикова 23 сентября опубликовала в ВК и инстаграме пост о своей поездке в Петербург, в котором сделала две орфографические ошибки (скрин: "Питер навивает романтическое настроение. Все собираются здесь, чтобы быть на открытие всероссийского конкурса <...>"). На следующий день Шафикова удалила пост (предварительно исправив ошибки), а затем написала, что это был эксперимент. После этого министр образования Башкирии закрыла свой аккаунт в инстаграме.
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6 hours ago by some_hren
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Animation illustrating the properties of e^x
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12 hours ago by beyondseven
Cyclist who had five bikes stolen says thieves are looking for quick times on Strava to try and find high-end bikes – warns other users to check their privacy settings |
An Essex man who had £12,500 worth of bikes stolen from his home has warned cyclists to be careful of what they post on social media. Adam Jones believes thieves may try and identify riders who record fast times on Strava segments and he expressed regret that he had not been more cautious regarding the information he shared online.

The Echo (link is external) reports that on Wednesday night, five bikes were taken from Jones’ Barling Magna home: a Specialized Tarmac, valued at £1,500; a Bianchi Infinito CV, worth about £4,000; a Dolan Scala time trial bike, worth about £2,000; a Bianchi Oltre XR2 worth £2,500; and a BMC Road Machine, valued at about £2,700.
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yesterday by dancall

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