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Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar...
Ayn Rand, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan walk into a bar. The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations. They die.
yesterday by kkennedy
Hey, Jibo - Coffee Shop - YouTube
Very interesting comparison of prototypically human location-giving, versus AI directions-giving
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yesterday by wpenman
History of reading: The beginning of silent reading changed humans' interior life — Quartzy
If silent reading was in fact rare or rude in ancient times, then at some point the expectation of readers in society shifted. As late as the 1700s, historian Robert Darnton writes, “For the common people in early modern Europe, reading was a social activity. It took place in workshops, barns, and taverns. It was almost always oral but not necessarily edifying.”

But by the time Marcel Proust was writing in the late 1800s, his narrator hoping for time to read and think alone in his bed, reading privately had become more of a norm for wealthy, educated people who could afford books and idle bedroom rumination.
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yesterday by dancall

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