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Found a bunch of awesome at Lick Creek park today
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Fungi Perfecti | Home
fungi extract helps support bee health?
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6 weeks ago by lmoon
With climate change, Valley fever spreads in California—and this year could be the worst yet (David Gorn | CALmatters)
" You wouldn’t guess this is a man with a reservoir surgically built into the top of his skull, and that he spends one full day a month with antifungal drugs pumping directly into his brain.

" Purdie has Valley fever, or coccidioidomycosis, a disease he caught in 2012 that’s caused by an airborne soil fungus. In his case, the fungus gave him meningitis, a swelling of the membranes that line the brain and spinal cord. The pain in his head has been intense, and the monthly drug injections are even more excruciating, he said. "
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7 weeks ago by kellyramsey
These Zombie Flies Are Being Mind-Controlled By a Fungus (Liz Langley | National Geographic)

Before the fly dies, Elya says, the fungus induces the fly “to climb up something nearby” and push out its proboscis, or mouthparts. Then, the fly drools what is likely a fungal secretion onto the surface it’s standing on, a sticky substance that glues the hapless fly to the floor.

" The fungus then exerts a kind of mind-control on the fly, causing the fly to lift its wings upright, a position in which the wings “become stuck out from their back at a steep upward angle,” Elya says.

" A few hours later, the white fungus can be seen growing out through the bug’s brownish body, making a striped pattern. Spores form at the tips of the fungal fuzz, and then in an amazing display of physics launch from the fly’s body as if shot from a cannon, spreading in search of another fly to infect. "
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