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Just fixed many older projects within a changed site template. Lessons to avoid project decay:
* Namespac…
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2 days ago by jwtulp
REST und SPAs sind nicht immer die Lösung
Ist alles, was REST genannt wird, wirklich REST? Sind REST und SPAs immer die beste Lösung? Gibt es Möglicherweise auch Alternativen zu SPAs?
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3 days ago by schwenks
Web Development
A Coggle Diagram about No Matter Which Route You Take, Back End (Things to Learn, Data, Functional Languages, Scripting Languages and High-Performance/Compiled Languages), Basic Front End (Front End Developer, Text Editors, Javascript Fundamentals, HTML and CSS ), Dev Ops (Server Management (confi
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4 days ago by kogakure
Front-End Design Checklist
The Design Checklist for Front-End Developers is an exhaustive list of elements which can help developers to analyse and understand web designs and ensure the quality of their Front-End development.
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4 days ago by spaceninja
MESG - Build applications connected to Anything
MESG is an open-source technology-agnostic framework for developing service-oriented applications. It’s a building platform where services can be connected to all technologies and be reused and shared so you can focus on innovation rather than implementation.

Event-driven architecture and interoperability meets decentralization.

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4 days ago by stechico
30 seconds of interviews
A curated collection of common web development interview questions to help you prepare for your next interview.
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5 days ago by speckz

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