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Why Paget Brewster Thought She Was Being Fired From Friends
I had a black bob, and when I got Friends, I started rehearsing that week, and the hair people cut all my hair off and dyed it red – it took six hours of lightening to dye it red – and then when [creators] Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane came down to watch the first day, Kevin Bright starts screaming, ‘I hired her because she had a black bob! You can’t do this!’ And as he’s screaming at the hair guy, I just went upstairs, I put my magazines in my bag, and I just sat and waited, like, ‘I lost my best job I’ve ever gotten.’

And then Kevin Bright came in the room and he went, ‘I didn’t hire you because of your hair! I just can’t have them making changes without them telling me!’ It turned out that the next girl that Chandler was going to fall for was Monica, and the hair guy had said, ‘I needed her to not look so much like Courtney [Cox].’ So that’s why he dyed my hair.
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RT : 1/ I'm stunned, but not surprised by AT&T's decision to extended their licensing deal with Netflix through…
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