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Follow friends and artists - Spotify
This page goes over how you can follow friends or artists on Spotify.

(This other page also offers the tip that you can search for spotify:user:[username] to find someone on Spotify by their username. Just leave out the brackets when you do the search for real, of course.)
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yesterday by handcoding
today decides what tomorrow knows
Shirley doesn't know what to say. That's she's not gay? Not interested? Not looking to date? Not really a great dating prospect because she’s thirty-nine and divorced with two kids and still can’t pay off her mortgage?

Not gay, surely. That’s what she’s saying.

(A woman named Mae asks Shirley on a date. Shirley talks to God about it and gets no answer. Also, Annie keeps acting strange, and only Shirley can figure out why.)
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3 days ago by misandrywitch
the remains
Isn’t that what all of this has been about? The growth, decay. Holding on and starting over. Never quite getting the hang of letting go.
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3 days ago by misandrywitch
the possibility space
He doesn't get it right the first time. Or the second. Or the third. Or—
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3 days ago by misandrywitch

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