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New Assange Indictment Makes Insane, Unprecedented Use Of Espionage Act On Things Journalists Do All The Time | Techdirt
Astounding. I don't much like wikileaks or Assange, but claming it is a felony for a reporter to ask someone for information that might be classified (I THINK that's what it claims... mostly it's incoherent) is simply going too far.
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yesterday by mcherm
Google says Singapore's fake news law could hamper innovation
"Google said on Thursday an anti-fake news law passed by Singapore’s parliament could stunt innovation, a quality that the city-state wants to nurture under plans to expand its tech industry. Google said on Thursday an anti-fake news law passed by Singapore’s parliament could stunt innovation, a quality that the city-state wants to nurture under plans to expand its tech industry...The law will require online media platforms to carry corrections or remove content the government considers to be false, with penalties for perpetrators running as high as prison terms of up to 10 years or fines up to S$1 million ($735,000). The law minister has said the bill will not affect free speech. Singapore says it is vulnerable to fake news because of its position as a global financial hub, its mixed ethnic and religious population and widespread internet access."
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15 days ago by dmcdev
Intolerance and Repression in the United States - Heterodox Academy
The diffusion of political intolerance across different targets is thought to prevent a “critical mass” among the general public from forming and demanding restrictions of civil liberties. During the McCarthy era, political intolerance was almost exclusively focused on Communists. Stouffer’s results from his 1954 survey indicated that roughly 85% of respondents reported they enjoyed freedom of speech.

Today, intolerance is less focused and more diffuse, targeting a variety of groups across the ideological spectrum. As Gibson notes, this may actually help create the perception that political freedom is restrained."
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22 days ago by ayjay

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