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Why Freelancing Creates Anxiety About Money
The time-is-money mind-set is hard to escape.

When you reduce everything to an economic curve you, yourself, will always lose.
entrepreneurs  freelancing  hazards  finance  anxiety  monetization  time  quantification 
yesterday by po
How a “Brand Map” Can Help You With Your Sales Copy
Branding helps you infuse your company's core principles, mission, and message in everything from product packaging and web design to your social media.
2 days ago by nfultz
How to Be a Freelancer: 105 Tips to Achieve Success
105 tips to teach you how to be a freelancer and grow your freelancing business fast. Fiverr's success managers & Top Rated Sellers recommendations included
2 days ago by nfultz
Freelance Contract Template - Download Free | The Plain Contract
This is a useful template for freelancers: plainspeak contract template.
freelancing  legal  contracts  shared 
3 days ago by davidnunez
On going independent as a developer
Some of my thoughts on the topic of working independently as a software developer
webdev  freelancing  career  jobs 
3 days ago by Rard
How to Get Out of Bed After You've Been Laid Off - Broadly
The rituals and routines I fell into aren't based on an employee handbook anymore, but they still need to exist. Holding myself accountable has become nearly the most important aspect since, the most dangerous questions being, I've been so good—don't I deserve a break? and, Well, who will notice if I slack off just a little bit? Once I got into the swing of eating regularly, weekly laundry duty, actually having a clean house, and sleeping a solid seven hours, none of if felt useless—or like the adult-world fake responsibilities I previously held to be off-limits. They felt like the errands I needed to take care of in order to make a life I wanted to keep living.
darcie-wilder  productivity  freelancing  habits  routines  work  daily-rituals 
14 days ago by yolandaenoch
Are you selling to a professional or an amateur? | Seth's Blog
Not that Seth isn't great and insightful, but this one was over the top good. So incisive and insightful. It's old-hat, but you have to know who you are selling to.

When you're building your personas, aside from triggers and desires and all that other stuff, you need to know the "meta-psychographics" -- are they professional or amateur.

For professionals, you don't need to do anything, but fit into their buying process the right way. For amateurs, you need to assuage their fear/shame/guilt/worries/doubts, their "should I even be spending this money to begin with", their "ok, so this course is going to help me, but can I trust myself to follow through this time?" -- all that stuff.

Selling to amateurs is harder than selling to professionals.
people-seth-godin  freelancing  business  strategy  sales  sales-online  marketing-tactics--writing-copy  marketing-tactics--building-personas 
16 days ago by daguti
How Much Does a Website Cost
Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to make a website? This handy app cost calculator will help you: Find out how much your website will cost in under a minute!
freelancing  web-development  tools 
17 days ago by jalilhweber

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