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Immersive Math
"The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures."
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yesterday by robertogreco
Photoshare Orders | Photoshare
Levi says: This is a good resource for us, I think — it’s essentially stock photography, relating to international health, destined for edu/journalistic purposes only. It’s run by Johns Hopkins and USAID, and you can request hi-res photos to use in your own work for free. Only downside is that they review every single request for photo reuse so there can be a slight delay in obtaining what you want.
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yesterday by frankfarm
Send faxes for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
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Free Royalty Free Music — Fugue
Download free background music for your videos, movies, and websites. Free both for personal and commercial projects.
cowlevel  game  music  free 
yesterday by secicl
Free Royalty Free Music — Fugue
Download free background music for your videos, movies, and websites. Free both for personal and commercial projects.
music  audio  free 
yesterday by adrianmg

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