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Addiction: Buying the Cure at Passages Malibu | L.A. Weekly
Perched on a bluff above Pacific Coast Highway, Passages Malibu Addiction Cure Center looks more like a prefab movie set than a place to kick hard drugs. Near the entrance of the garish $23 million mansion stands a glass-enclosed gym filled with the latest high-tech equipment, on which men and...
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10 hours ago by rdump
eBay’s AI algorithm can identify 40% of credit card fraud : Focus on good behaviour, rather than bad actors.
eBay scientists have published a report which says that it’s new AI algorithm can identify 40% of credit card fraud transactions with high precision. A significant finding for a sector which solely relies on technology for fraud detection.

As always there are two sides of the coin for any entity or method. In fraud detection also, the techniques and tools can either focus on good actors or bad actors. Till now it has been the former. Where the truth is that majority of transactions conducted are by good actors. So it was imperative to study the behaviour of good actors, in fact much more important than those of bad actors.

Hence eBay, rather than focusing on the changing patterns employed by bad actors to circumvent protective barriers, they decided to instead analyses instances of good behaviour.
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yesterday by dancall
The DOJ’s Granston memo encourages dismissal of meritless qui tam cases
Whether the Memo will have an effect on how the DOJ handles future FCA qui tam cases remains to be seen. The Memo may, however, offer defendants some guidance on how to urge the DOJ to dismiss under Section 3730(c)(2)(A) after the DOJ has declined to intervene in a qui tam relator’s case. It may also help potential relators assess whether and how to proceed.
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3 days ago by aheilbut
The EPA Can’t Wait to Reopen the Mine That Poisoned North Idaho - Bloomberg
"The Trump EPA doesn’t do healing. In March, the agency disclosed a shocker: After months of secret talks, it had signed an agreement with a Canadian company to reopen the Bunker Hill Mine. Scott Pruitt, the agency’s administrator until his ouster in July, said in a statement that the pact would restore mining jobs, contribute $20 million toward cleanup costs for the Bunker Hill Mine, and provide almost $1 million a year for water treatment. In exchange, the new Bunker Hill Mining Corp. and the property’s previous operator were absolved of any responsibility for past toxic releases. The slate, if not the Coeur d’Alene watershed, would be wiped clean."
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4 days ago by conner
Learn How to Pass (or Beat) a Polygraph "Test" |
Did you know:

The consensus view among scientists is that polygraph testing has no scientific basis?
The FBI considered the creator of the lie detector test to be a phony and a crackpot?
The man who started the CIA's polygraph program thought that plants can read human thoughts?
The foremost polygraph advocate in academia was discredited by a federal judge?
A prominent past-president of the American Polygraph Association is a phony Ph.D., and this premier polygraph organiza...
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4 days ago by hellsten
Heads up looks like this is the new scam website. You cannot buy a 3D Printer under $100.
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9 days ago by jerry7171
Georgia voting insecure
Voting system is vulnerable to anyone changing anyone's records; a Democrat reports that, immediately accused of hacking by their political opponent
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11 days ago by nelson

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