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San Francisco's Ultimate Date Spots
Let Eater SF guide your way into a one-night stand, a relationship, an anniversary dinner, and everything in between
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Amy Lippert: Consuming Identities - Visual Culture in 19th-Century San Francisco
This book specifically examines two phenomena as they emerged and developed in San Francisco: images of humans and the growth of a commodified image industry around those images of humans. The study spans the second half of the nineteenth century, beginning with the January 1848 discovery of gold on the American River and the almost simultaneous U.S. acquisition of California (ceded along with almost one half of all Mexican territory in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, less than two weeks later). Consuming Identities concludes with the dawn of the twentieth century and the catastrophic San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906—an endpoint that coincides with a demographic and cultural shift southward to Los Angeles in the ensuing decades, when motion pictures would begin to gain preeminence. Throughout, the work demonstrates the role of San Francisco as a city at the forefront of far-reaching changes that were gradually taking hold in urban places throughout the industrialized world. These transformations were becoming evident in daily life, perception, and experience, and they encompassed broad phenomena such as urbanization, immigration, mobility, and—not coincidentally—a society saturated with forms of spectacle and spectatorship.
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