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A lightweight and modular front-end framework
for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.
4 hours ago by pepesaura
Bulma: a modern CSS framework based on Flexbox
interesting lightweight alternative to bootstrap
css  framework  webdev 
10 hours ago by tannertech
HTML Templates | Foundation
Foundation for Sites 6 has been designed to get your project from prototype to production more efficiently than ever before! It includes a wide range of modular and flexible components that are easily styled. These versatile and lightweight building blocks make it easy to bring your ideas to life.
framework  fw  foundation 
23 hours ago by pepesaura
drachtio - the open source SIP application server framework
The Node.js framework for SIP server applications
Making SIP server applications as easy to build as web apps
js  sip  nodejs  framework  server 
yesterday by Tknvbe
drachtio by davehorton
drachtio is a Node.js-based middleware framework for building SIP applications. It is inspired by classic http middleware frameworks such as connect and expressjs, and developers who are familiar with such frameworks will find it quite easy to understand and work with.

For developers new to SIP and VoIP in general, drachtio provides an easy path to building full-functional SIP applications; those more experienced with the SIP protocol will appreciate the flexibility that drachtio provides in terms of enabling any kind of SIP element: proxy servers, registars, user agent clients and servers, and back-to-back user agents.
sip  js  nodejs  middleware  framework 
yesterday by Tknvbe
MESG - Build applications connected to Anything
MESG is an open-source technology-agnostic framework for developing service-oriented applications. It’s a building platform where services can be connected to all technologies and be reused and shared so you can focus on innovation rather than implementation.

Event-driven architecture and interoperability meets decentralization.

frontend  webdev  opensource  blockchain  tools  framework  dapps  favorite 
yesterday by stechico

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