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Evergreen is a React UI Framework for building ambitious products on the web. Brought to you by Segment.
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1 hour ago by wjy
Micronaut Framework
A reaction to SpringFramework that aims to produce applications with fast startup time and low memory consumption

Micronaut provides a simple compile-time aspect-oriented programming API that does not use reflection.

Easily spin up servers and clients in your unit tests, and run them instantaneously.
java  framework 
9 hours ago by richardneish
Emergency Manuals Implementation Collaborative
The Emergency Manuals Implementation Collaborative (EMIC) fosters adoption and effective use of emergency manuals to enhance our patients’ safety. Our initial focus is perioperative care, while sharing our lessons with other fields of healthcare.

Our goals are to:
1. Provide a framework for clinicians and teams to train for, manage, debrief, and report critical events.
2. Embed the effective clinical use of emergency manuals into patient care.
3. Build a community to share tools, overcome barriers, and facilitate implementation.
4. Provide resources to improve care in dynamic fields of healthcare with high intrinsic hazard.
gawande  surgery  safety  quality  operatingroom  emergency  framework  perioperative 
11 hours ago by pgorrindo

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