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EDA playground of FPGA IP blocks. This is super useful.
fpga  embedded  electronics  electricalengineering  reference  useful  tools  guides 
2 days ago by yoofie
Home - Logic - eewiki
Super useful wiki on Verilog/VHDL IP blocks regarding various digital functions.
fpga  reference  useful  guides 
2 days ago by yoofie
All projects of Luke Valenty | Hackaday.io
Listing of FPGA projects on Hackaday, intro projects available.
hardware  fpga 
9 days ago by mskblackbelt
HDLBits - Online verilog practice
HDLBits is a collection of small circuit design exercises for practicing digital hardware design using Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL).
HDL  fpga  logic  tutorials  exercise 
21 days ago by vitaminCPP

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