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Fortnite is a video game phenomenon. The music business could learn a lot from its success.
A major label artist recently took inspiration from the game – with impressive results. Travis Scott, in the initial release week of his latest album Astroworld, emulated Fortnite by offering up a new pack of merchandise that included an album download code. An email sent to fans read: “Astroworld Merch Bundles Drop 4 Now Available”. Fans were given 24 hours before that set of clothes was cycled out for another. This offering existed completely outside of streaming services – and set a time-limited way to connect with Travis Scott beyond pressing play on a song. The plan worked. Astroworld debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 537,000 album equivalents sold including 270,000 in traditional sales, which were heavily driven by this merchandising effort.
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I played with . I’ve never felt more like a millennial.
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EUREKA, tu podcast sobre innovación de ,ha vuelto con fuerza. Hemos estado jugando a todo el ve…
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