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4 days ago by cogdog
Who we are?
Olimex Ltd is a leading provider for development tools and programmers for embedded market.
The company has 28 years experience in designing, prototyping and manufacturing printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies, and complete electronic products.
We are established in 1991 in Plovdiv - the second largest city in Bulgaria.
We have extensive knowledge in analog, digital, and microcontroller design, and we offer our own-designed development boards, programmers and emulators for rapid prototyping ARM, AVR, MSP430, MAXQ and PIC microcontrollers.
Olimex is recognized as an approved Third Party Hardware Developer by Texas Istruments Inc., Maxim Integrated, Atmel Inc., NXP Inc., ST Microelectronics Inc., IAR Systems AB, Cirrus Logic Inc., OKI Semiconductor Inc, Energy Micro Inc., Microchip Inc. and we have over 30,000 active customer accounts who regularly use our services for electronic boards development and prototyping. Our design capabilities are backed by our own PCB prototype production and assembly facility, so all designs made by us are created with Design-For-Manufacturing in mind - which guarantees that they are optimized for reliability and provide cost-effective solutions for our customers.
The company’s 5,000 sq.m. production buildings are situated on our 10,000 sq.m. property.
2 Pravda St.,
P.O.Box 237,
Plovdiv 4000 BULGARIA
voice: +359-32-626259,
fax: +359-32-621270
for contacts: Mr. Tsvetan Usunov
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5 days ago by paulcline

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